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1. What is the resistor value of Blue, Black, Orange and Silver?

a. 60 K + 5%
b. 50 K + 5%
c. 60 K + 10%
d. 50 K + 5%

2. Electronic tools can last lifetime if they are ___________________.

a. used in many purposes
b. inhibit rust because they are not lubricated
c. properly used based from the instructions given
d. clean once in a while

3. A _____ is a device that resists the flow of charge.

a. Resistor
b. Buffer
c. Diode
d. Microfarad (or μF;)

4. In logic gate, the output will be a LOW for any case when one or more inputs are zero in a(n):

a. OR Gate
b. AND Gate
c. NAND Gate
d. NOT Gate

5. It is used to display the shape of electrical signals and it can be used to measure their voltage and time period.

a. Galvanometer
b. Ohmmeter
c. Voltmeter
d. Oscilloscope

6. What finger will you start applying the base and top coat nail polish.

A. Index finger
B. Little finger
C. Ring finger
D. Thumb

7. What should an electrician first do before installing the electrical wiring system of a building?

a. Buy the materials
b. Prepare a contract
c. Get a meter base from Meralco
d. Secure a wiring permit

8. hat pencil point is best recommended in sketching?

a. Wedge
b. Conical
c. Dull
d. Flat

9. Which of these finishing materials would give a transparent sheen to a wood surface?

a. Oil
b. Abrasives
c. Varnish
d. Shellac

10. Which of the following tools is used in checking the squareness of corners and the flatness of surfaces?

a. Steel rule
b. T-squares
c. Pull push rule
d. Band protractor

11.Which of the following is not an electronics component?

a. diode
b. capacitors
c. resistors
d. power

12.What does LED refers to?

a. Light Emitting Diode
b. Light Emission Devices
c. Light Emitting Devices
d. Light Emission Diode

13. What is this symbol ?

a. capacitor
b. variable capacitor
c. polarized capacitor
d. timmer capacitor

14. What is the color code for a 220 5% resistor?

a. Red, Red, Brown, Silver
b. Red, Red, Brown, Gold
c. Red, Red, Black, Gold
d. Orange, Orange, Black, Gold

15. Component that store electrical charge in an electrical field.

a. capacitors
b. diode
c. resistors
d. transistor

16. What electronic circuit trouble is affected of environmental condition such as dust, dirt, and humidity?

a. broken wiring inside cord set
b. gummed up lubrication
c. short circuits
d. insect damage

17. It is used to connect the holes where components are placed in a printed circuit board.

a. terminal strip
b. copper tracks
c. phenolic board
d. copper board

18. A NAND gate has:

a. LOW inputs and a HIGH output
b. LOW inputs and a LOW output
c. HIGH inputs and a HIGH output
d. None of these above

19. When doing pedicure the patron’s foot is rested on ____.

A. barber’s chair
B. ottoman
C. pedicure chair
D. stool

20. You wanted to shape your fingernails, which of these tools will you use ?

A. emery board
B. orangewood stick
C. nail cutter
D. tweezer

21. The following are materials and cosmetics in giving hot oil treatment EXCEPT ____.

A. conditioner
B. hot oil
C. heating caps
D. tonic

22. Which of the following materials should not be missed to facilitate winding?

A. curlers
B. end papers
C. roller clip
D. setting lotion

23. The following are tools for haircutting EXCEPT ____.

A. hair shaping scissor
B. thinning shears
C. straight razor
D. water sprayer

24. What branch of physics refers to the flow of electron through nonmetal conductors?

A. Mechanics
B. Physics
C. Electricity
D. Electronics

25. It is an electronic tool that is use to strip off wire insulator from its conductor.

A. wire stripper
B. socket wrench
C. small tweezers
D. long nose pliers

26. Before doing the plain facial which of these procedures is done first ?

A. apply emollient cream
B. analyze the skin
C. cleanse the face
D. remove cleansing cream

27. The kind of hair setting that can be used for setting the entire heads or turning ends upward or forward is called_____ setting.

A. clip
B. curler
C. pin curls
D. roller

28. This is a solvent containing acetone to thin out the nail polish when thickened.

A. nail drier
B. nail polisher
C. nail strengthener
D. nail whitener

29. Which of the following semiconducting device is generally used as an indicator when an appliance is turned on or off?

a. Light emitting diodes
b. Photodiodes
c. Photoresistors
d. Small lamps

30. Compared to the primary coil, the number of turns in the secondary coil of a step up transformer is _____________.

a. less
b. more
c. the same
d. infinite

31. What does a changing magnetic field in a coil of wire produce?

a. An induced power
b. An induced voltage
c. An induced resistance
d. An induced coil polarity

32. Why does alternating current replace direct current for general use?

a. Alternating current has more power than direct current
b. Alternating voltages are convenient to transform
c. Generators always generate alternating current
d. Alternating current is safer than direct current

33. In the laboratory, to determine the voltage across a resistor, ______________.

a. an ammeter is connected in series with the resistor
b. a voltmeter is connected in series with the resistor
c. an ammeter is connected parallel to the resistor
d. a voltmeter is connected parallel to the resistor

34. Which statement is true?

a. An ammeter has negligible resistance
b. A voltmeter has negligible resistance
c. An ammeter measures voltage
d. A voltmeter measures current

35. Kirchhoff’s Current Law : conservation of charge ; Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law : __________

a. conservation of mass
b. conservation of energy
c. conservation of quantum numbers
d. b and c

36. Kirchhoff’s Laws is applicable to networks containing any electrical elements.

a. Always true
b. Often time
c. Sometimes true
d. Never true

37. Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law is applicable to networks containing ___________.
a. capacitors
b. inductors
c. potential and current sources
d. resistors

38. Which statement is NOT true about Kirchhoff’s Laws?

a. The numerical sum of the voltage rise and that of the potential drop in a conducting loop are equal.
b. The sum of the voltage rise and the voltage drop in a conducting loop is zero.
c. The voltage across any resistor in a loop is always a voltage drop.
d. The voltage across a voltage source is sometimes a voltage drop.

39. Compared to the primary coil, the number of turns in the secondary coil of a step down transformer is _____________.

a. less
b. more
c. the same
d. infinite

40. Factor in searching for business opportunities that ask: Who will buy your products?

a. market
b. manpower
c. suppliers of raw materials
d. technology

41. Factor in searching for business opportunities that ask: Are materials always available?

a. suppliers of raw materials
b. manpower
c. market
d. technology

42. Factor in searching for business opportunities that ask: Are expert workers available?

a. suppliers of raw materials
b. manpower
c. market
d. technology

43. Factor in searching for business opportunities that ask: Is your product or service new or improved?

a. suppliers of raw materials
b. technology
c. market
d. manpower

44. Includes all activities relating to the sale of goods and services direct to consumers.

a. wholesaling
b. selling
c. retailing
d. buying

45. The link between the producers and consumers.

a. retailer
b. buyer
c. wholesaler
d. seller

46. Production of goods and services.

a. Manufacturing
b. wholesaling
c. retailing
d. purchasing

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