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A schematic diagram shows the components of an electronic circuit by means of:

A. Symbol
B. Construction
C. Physical appearance
D. Linear appearance

What is the common characteristic of strip board and printed circuit board?

A. temporary circuit board
B. permanent circuit board
C. no soldering required
D. requires no special preparation

This kind of tool has stationary and movable jaw that can gripe and hold the pipes during assembly of parts.

A. combination pliers
B. adjustable wrench
C. pipe wrench
D. basin wrench

The value that a retailer sets for the article for sale. It is the amount of money paid for goods or services.

A. ceiling
B. mark-up
C. price
D. sales

Used to pay goods and services and is the medium of exchange in trading with other countries.

A. other goods
B. money
C. foods
D. things

Manufacturing activity that has a continuous production.

A. Continuous Manufacturing or Flow Shop
B. Batch Manufacturing
C. Intermittent Manufacturing
D. Project Manufacturing

If a signal passing through a gate is inhibited by sending a low into one of the inputs, and the output is HIGH, the gate is a(n):

A. OR Gate
B. NOR Gate
C. AND Gate
D. NAND Gate

A point is the projection of a line if it is perpendicular to the:

A. Plane of proportion
C. Plane of projection
B. Plane of direction
D. Plane of intersection

Which is TRUE of a series DC motor with no load?

A. Tends to stop or not start
B. Maybe damaged by excessive speed
C. Has reverse direction
D. Becomes an AC generator

The following are methods of training leather except:

A. Fur
B. Chrome
C. Grease
D. Vegetable

Some detail of the top view of a section of a country is shown in a ___map.

A. contour
B. geographic
C. relief
D. topographic

The changing values of variables in a line graph is shown on the ___axis.

A. Horizontal
B. Inclines
C. oblique
D. vertical

In order to avoid the sewer gases to build up pressure in the drainage system, the must connect

A. Water system
B. Venting system
C. Drainage system
D. Plumbing system

If you want to draw more attention on the eyelid and under eyebrow, which of these
will you use?

A. Blush on
B. Eyeliner
C. Eye shadow
D. Eyelash extension

Which interview is highly structured?

A. Planned
B. Stress
C. Ambush
D. Patterned

Solder is a mixture of ________.

A. tin lead
B. zinc and lead
C. zinc and tin
D. copper and lead

Accessories enhance or add beauty to give a given space. Listed below are the decorative objects EXCEPT one.

A. Table lamps
B. Graphic arts
C. wood crafts
D. metal works

The drawing equipment that is used to draw horizontal lines is ____.

A. cross-ruled paper
B. ruler
C. triangle
D. T-square

Most kitchens are equipped with at least one paring knife. What does “pare” mean?

A. to remove the bones from meat or fish
B. to divide in half by cutting into two pieces
C. to remove the peeling or outer skin of a fruit or vegetable with a knife
D. to slice into thin strips

The application of Science and technology contribute much in the improvements of the plastic materials in plumbing. It indicate that that

A. uniform regulations can be expected
B. capital can be expected
C. demand can be expected
D. regulations can be the same

Which statement is true about Kirchhoff’s Current Law?

A. The sum of the currents entering the node is equal to that leaving the same node
B. The current in a conducting loop is the same for all resistors in the loop.
C. The numerical sum of the currents entering a node is zero.
D. The sum of the current over a loop is zero.

How does the video signal of television networks transmitted?

A. By modulating the frequency of the wave
B. By modulating the amplitude of the wave
c By transforming it to an analog signal
D. By transforming it to a digital signal

An organized task of people to produce and sell goods and services is

A. business
B. economy
C. industry
D. technology

Reading nutritional labels though time consuming is a desirable practice because

A. It serves as guide in the proper use of the product.
B. It helps in selecting the best product.
C. It serves as guide on the content of the product.
D. It provides nutritional data.

The most practical way of serving meals, particularly when the space is limited and there’s no enough work force

A. Blue plate service
B. Buffet service asa
C. Compromise service
D. Russian service

When you want to indicate the center of holes of an object to be made in the
drawing, which of the following lines will you use?

A. Adjacent parts line
B. Center lines
C. Ditto lines
D. Long break lines

If you want to contrast the outline of the object and contact extension lines withlong, slim arrowheads what line will you use?

A. Construction lines
B. Dimension lines sadsa
C. Extension lines
D. Guidelines

Which fuse has its internal fusible wire wrapped around an insulator?

A. a slow-blow type fuse
B. an inductive fuse
C. a capacitive fuse
D. intended for high voltage fuse

Which would be considered "basic components of a power supply"?

A. zener, regulator, transformer
B. regulator, diode, AC power, load
C. transformer, bridge, capacitor, load
D. filter, regulator, rectifier, transformer

There are various types of diodes. This diode that acts as a regulator is the ________.

A. Silicon diode
B. Crystal diode
D. Zener diode

You will find an electrode nearest the white band on a rectifier. What is it?

A. Anode
B. Cathode
C. Gate
D. Main Terminal

What electronic component is commonly used to amplify or switch electronic signals?

A. capacitor
B. transistor
C. diode
D. resistor

Use to assemble electronics appliances and project.

A. electronics tools
B. electronics unit
C. electronics components
D. electrical network

When using soldering iron in soldering surface mount component it requires ___.

A. bigger tips
B. smaller tips
C. narrow tips
D. wider tips

The kind of facial manipulation that slide the finger to center of forehead then slide
finger with slight pressure towards the temple and rotate is called____.

A. chin movement
B. linear movement
C. circular movement
D. stroking movement

Which of the following practice should be avoided?

A. File nails only in one direction going to the center.
B. File nails when it is dry.
C. Chipped polish is smoothen with nail buffer.
D. File nails after a shower.

For better upkeep of face muscles ____ motion is used to remove cleansing cream.

A. downward
B. inward and sideward
C. sideward and upward
D. upward and outward

This line is used to represent the visible edges of an object when making a

A. Hidden line
B. Long break line
C. Outline of parts
D. Section line

How will draw horizontal lines?

A. It is drawn from right to left
B. It is drawn from left to right
C. It is drawn along the vertical edge of triangle
D. It is drawn in any direction.

This kind of line is a heavy wavy lines made of freehand.

A. cutting plane lines
B. ditto lines
C. long break lines
D. short break lines

The zero point of a line graph is called ____.

A. Axis
B. Extension
C. intersection
D. origin

Which of the following graph is useful in making percentage comparison?

A. Bar graph
B. Line graph
C. Pie graph
D. volume graph

If you want to know in what month you have sold more products using geometric
figures, you sue _____ graph.

A. Bar
B. Pie
C. pictorial
D. organizational

The line-up of personnel in a department is more vividly seen when you use ___

A. Bar
B. Pie
C. pictorial
D. organizational

According to the recipe book, you need to mix the ingredients vigorously so as to incorporate air making the mixture thick and smooth. This process is called:

A. Toss
B. Blending
C. Mixing
D. Whipping

The type of protein which can maintain life but cannot support growth

A. Incomplete
B. complete
C. partially incomplete
D. essential

These are some of the guidelines in the conservation of nutrients in preparing fruits and vegetables except:

A. wash fruits and vegetables before peeling
B. cut fruits and vegetables immediately before cooking
C. pare fruits and vegetables immediately before cooking
D. allow frozen vegetables to thaw before cooking

Which of the following instrument is used to measure the amount of current flowing in an element in a circuit?

A. ammeter
B. ohmmeter
C. tester
D. voltmeter

A transformer has 250 turns in its secondary coil. The secondary voltage is 10 V. If the transformer is connected to a 220 V source, how many turns does the transformer have in its primary coil?

A. 5500
B. 2500
C. 500
D. 11

Which of the following semiconducting device serves as an amplifier in a circuit?

A. capacitors
B. diodes
C. integrated circuits
D. transistor

A step up transformer is used by power plants to transmit electrical power at a very high voltage over a large distance. Why is this so?

A. It is the cheapest way of transmitting electrical power.
B. Because large amount of power requires large amount of voltage for transmission.
C. Because high voltage transmission lines have almost zero resistance to the flow of current.
D. Because current is small in high voltage transmission lines preventing significant waste of electrical energy.

Unintentionally the tissues surrounding the nails got minor injuries, what will you

A. antiseptic
B. alcohol
C. emollient cream
D. hydrogen peroxide

What tools are NOT recommended to be used in electronics works?

A. brand new tools
B. branded tools
C. damaged tools
D. locally produced tools

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