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TLE LET Reviewer
Answers to the test questions

1. a. Schematic Diagram
2. b. Daily use of insect repellants. 
3. a. Flexible 
4. b. 20W to 30W 
5. d. Light Emitting Diode 
6. a. Galvanometer
7. c. It can be substituted for one another and both are equally nutritious 
8. d. adjustable wrench
9. a. Food budget 
10. b. Pleat 
11. d. Diode 
12. a. NOT Gate 
13. c. Sleeve placket is well and neatly sewed. 
14. b. They become hard to digest 
15. a. Expanding stage
16. d. Stove, utensils, dines and food supplies should be within easy reach.
17. d. cover 
18. c. all-purpose flour 
19. a. remove a substance from a liquid’s surface 
20. c. Whole chicken cooked to an internal temperature of 165° F for fifteen seconds 
21. a. Russian service 
22. c. roll nail polish bottle between palm. 
23. b. 2 
24. b. drop of lemon 
25. d. Simmering 
26. b. Hand the knitted while dripping wet
27. c. It makes eyes look appear thinner 
28. c. Apply lipstick inside of lip line 
29. b. Hair at the forehead 
30. a. 5 minutes 
31. c. layered
32. d. theatrical make-up
33. d. Press cotton with cuticle remover from the base of the nail to its tip. 
34. d. yeast 
35. d. Promote fast growth of stocked fish
36. d. Neological 
37. c. remover 
38. b. Effect of the running water 
39. b. marketing media 
40. a. Balance
41. b. More root hairs
42. a. Respiration 
43. a. Cobalamin 
44. b. it helps to make nail polish stick readily to the surface. 
45. a. Fat 
46. c. Foundation 
47. d. Roller setting.
48. c. nipper 
49. a. Vine crops 
50. d. Bangus 
51. a. Water plants

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