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1. What do you call a diagram that shows the electrical connections of a circuit's components?

a. Schematic Diagram
b. Block Diagram
c. Pictorial Diagram
d. Electronic Diagram

2. Household’s pests do not thrive in a clean place. Which of the following practices is LEAST effective in eradicating household’s pests?

a. Elimination of accumulations of organic refuse.
b. Daily use of insect repellants.
c. Elimination of stagnant water or proper treatment of these
d. Adequately designed and supervised local sewage disposal plants.

3. Expenses that are unexpected are _______.

a. Flexible
b. Miscellaneous
c. allowance
d. fixed

4. A standard wattage for soldering iron is

a. 20W to 10W
b. 20W to 30W
c. 20W to 40W
d. 20W to 50W

5. A kind of diode which converts electrical energy to light.

a. Rectifier diode
b. Zener Diode
c. Varicap Diode
d. Light Emitting Diode

6. A very sensitive meter which is used to measure tiny currents

a. Galvanometer
b. Ammeter
c. Ohmmeter
d. Volt Meter

7. In mother’s class the question arose as to which is more superior source of protein meat or fish. Your opinion will be

a. Meat protein is superior to fish
b. Meat protein is inferior to fish
c. It can be substituted for one another and both are equally nutritious
d. They are unequal as fish protein is superior

8. In plumbing work, what kind of tool is use to tighten/loosen bolts and screw head.

a. basin wrench
b. pipe wrench
c. pliers
d. adjustable wrench

9. This refers to the monthly income required to satisfy the nutritional requirement of a family with six members.

a. Food budget
b. Food threshold 
c. Food intake 
d. Food consumption

10. A finished opening in garment designed to give ease in wearing dresses is called

a. Dout
b. Pleat
c. placket
d. gusse

11. It is used to limit the movement of electricity to move in one specific direction.

a. Capacitor
b. Resistor
c. Transistor
d. Diode

12. Which type of logic gate has one input?

a. NOT Gate
b. NAND Gate
c. AND Gate
d. NOR Gate

13. Mike’s trubenized shirt is considered as well made based on this criterion.

a. Executive collar has equal side ends. 
b. Machine stitches are even.
c. Sleeve placket is well and neatly sewed.
d. Sleeve cap is well-shaped.

14. The practice of adding soda when cooking vegetables for the purpose of retaining the green color and the crispness should be avoided primarily because:

a. They become less palatable 
b. They become hard to digest
c. Vitamin C is destroyed in the presence of alkali
d. The flavor of vegetables is modified

15. A large family needs a large income. This is referred to as:

a. Expanding stage
b. Contracting stage
c. Empty nest stage 
d. Beginning stage

16. To reduce time and energy expenditures, which of the following is the LEAST to be considered?

a. Equipment and supplies should be grouped according to use.
b. All things stored should be placed only in one row.
c. Frequently used materials should be placed at the lowest shelves.
d. Stove, utensils, dines and food supplies should be within easy reach.

17. The table setting which include the placemat, flatware, dishes and glasses is referred to as the

a. placement
b. coding
c. coverage
d. cover

18. What kind of flour will produce satisfactory results if you do not have the recommended flour available?

a. cake flour
b. bread flour
c. all-purpose flour
d. wheat flour

19. What does a cook do when skimming?

a. remove a substance from a liquid’s surface
b. to use less of an ingredient in the recipe
c. to make thin soup
d. to coat food with a layer of glazed

20. Which food item has been safely cooked?

a. Ground meat cooked to an internal temperature of 135° F for fifteen seconds
b. Pork chops cooked to an internal temperature of 145° F for fifteen seconds
c. Whole chicken cooked to an internal temperature of 165° F for fifteen seconds
d. Fish cooked to an internal temperature of 135° F for fifteen seconds

21. Which of the following basic types of meal service is the most formal?

a. Russian service
b. French service
c. Family service
d. American service

22. Nail polish has the tendency to thicken. In order to ease applying evenly, it would be better to_____.

A. pull out the nail polish brush.
B. turn bottle upside- down
C. roll nail polish bottle between palm.
D. shake it well.

23. How many stroke will you do when applying base and top coat nail polish ?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

24. If your nails are yellow or stained, which will help to whiten them ?

A. alcohol
B. drop of lemon
C. hand lotion
D. hydrogen peroxide

25. Eggs are important protein foods comparable to meat, fish and poultry. In cooking hard boiled egg the water must be:

a. Warm
b. High temperature
c. Rapidly boiling
d. Simmering

26. Some loosely knitted garments stretch if hung on hangers. This can be prevented if the following EXCEPT one:

a. Use padded hanger 
b. Hand the knitted while dripping wet
c. Pad wire hanger into foam or old towel
d. When the shoulders are placed properly on the pad

27. What can an eyeliner do to the eyes ?

A. It makes eyes look smaller.
B. It makes eyes look larger.
C. It makes eyes look appear thinner
D. it can makes eyes beautiful.

28. If you have large full lips, how will you apply lipstick?

A. Shade color at side lips.
B. Keep corner lips round
C. Apply lipstick inside of lip line
D. Apply the entire lips with light color of lipstick

29. Which of the following is classified as lanugo hair ?

A. Eyelashes
B. Hair at the forehead
C. Hair on the head
D. Soles

30. How long will you subject hair to inflared lamp after the application of scalp product for hot oil treatment ?

A. 5 minutes
B. 10 minutes
C. 15 minutes
D. 20 minutes

31. The following are formal hairstyle EXCEPT______.

A. brush –up
B. chignon
C. layered
D. petals

32. What type of make-up will you use if you play the role of witch in a play ?

A. day make-up
B. evening make-up
C. photographic make-up
D. theatrical make-up

33. When your nails have nail polish, it Is important to remove this first before proceeding to other procedure of manicuring or pedicuring. How will you do this ?

A. Moisten a piece of cotton with water and press on the nail.
B. Bring cotton with cuticle remover from the tip of the nail to its base.
C. Press firmer the cotton with cuticle remover on the nail.
D. Press cotton with cuticle remover from the base of the nail to its tip.

34. n example of a biological leavening agent is

a. baking powder
b. ammonium bicarbonate
c. baking soda
d. yeast

35. Fertilizers are applied to fish ponds in order to:

a. Change the color of water
b. Enhance the production of natural foods
c. Neutralize acidity 
d. Promote fast growth of stocked fish

36. In the patrilineal family, the family traces its family from the paternal side. Which type of family traces forms both the maternal and paternal side?

a. Matulineal
b. Bilineal
c. Equalitarian
d. Neological

37. If you want to soften the dead cuticle around the nail, you need to use cuticle _____.

A. cream
B. oil
C. remover
D. solvent

38. The venting system maintains the atmospheric pressure in the drainpipes. What causes the siphoning effect that would empty the traps of water?

a. effect of Air
b. effect of the running water
c. effect solid waste
d. effect of gases

39. Success in promoting or advertising a product depends on what factors?

a. Discount sale 
b. marketing media
c. Personal selling 
d. Quality of the product

40. In the arrangement of furniture and fixtures in the house the principle of design must always be taken into consideration. A principle which is created through the prepetition of lines, colors or shapes is:

a. Balance
b. Rhythm
c. Harmony
d. Emphasis

41. As onion crop matures, the amount of irrigation should be decreased gradually. Prolonged water supply within 2-3 weeks before harvest will produce immature bulbs with;

a. Rotting leaves 
b. More root hairs
c. Thick neck 
d. Thicker bulb

42. The process of breaking down complex food substance into unstable form is ______.

a. respiration 
b. digestion
c. reproduction
d. circulation

43. Vegetarians are usually deficient in one of the following vitamins:

a. Cobalamin
b. Iron
c. C 
d. centrum

44. A base coat polish is use before applying the top coat because ____

A. it makes nails attractive.
B. it helps to make nail polish stick readily to the surface. 
C. it is really necessary.
D. the top coat cannot be applied without it.

45. The tenderness of baked product is attributed by the prevention of the cohesion of gluten strands during mixing. This quality is produced by the addition of

a. Fat
b. Sugar
c. Eggs
d. Liquid

46. What will you rub on your face to remove the dirt or clean the face?

A. Astringent
C. Foundation
B. Cleansing cream
D. Skin toner

47. What kind of hair setting will you use if you have straight hair and would like to have a lifted hairstyle effect?

A. clip setting
B. curler setting
C. pin curl setting
D. Roller setting.

48. What is used to trim the cuticle when doing manicure or pedicure ?

A. orangewood stick
B. nail cutter
C. nipper
D. tweezer

49. Rhizobia convert nitrogen to nitrates contributing to soil fertility. It is present in the roots of:

a. Vine crops 
b. Crucifiers
c. Root vegetables
d. Legumes

50. Bothriocephalus gowkongensis is a kind of tapeworms which often attacks:

a. Tilapia
b. Hito
c. Grass carp
d. Bangus

51. In commercial eel farms, the ponds are made of concrete materials. Eels are provided with:

a. Water plants
b. Filters
c. Mechanical aeration
d. Holes for hiding

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