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LET Reviewer in General Education

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

101. NHA homes were sold to recipients, payable in the longest term of:
a. 15 years
b. 25 years
c. 10 years
d. 5 years

102. Values information seminar mandated by the Moral Recovery Program has transformed many government officers
a. Workshops on values have made Father Damaso’s out of some leaders
b. Religious leaders are not fulfilled on their moral ascendancy
c. DECS officials conduct workshops on values to be models by themselves
d. PNP hierarchy are examples of moral strength

103. There had been plants discovered as effective insect repellants. Which of these plants belong to the group?
a. Orchids
b. Gumamela
c. Bouganvilla
d. Cosmos

104. Only 682 examinees passed in a Pharmacists Licensure Examination out of 2550 examinees. What is the passing percentage?
a. 26.5%
b. 26%
c. 26.7%
d. 26.8%

105. A Chinese proverb says, “The virtue with the shortest memory is gratitude. “ This tells of persons who are:
a. greetful
b. grateful
c. careful
d. hospitable

106. Ang kanyang sinsakyan galling Quipo papuntang Kalookan ay nasa ibabaw. Ito ay ______
a. jeep
b. trambiya
c. bus
d. LRT

107. That is the face that caused a thousand ship and men to raise their arms and fight. Who was referred to by the poet?
a. Helen of Troy
b. Mary Magdalene
c. Helen Keller
d. Cleopatra of the Nile

108. In the film “ANAK” portrayed a daughter whose values were affected greatly by:
a. the economics of an overseas mother’s value
b. the peer groups and society
c. the confusion of a mother’s role
d. the absence of a father image

109. The Internal Rice Research Institute in UP Los Baños has introduced varieties of the rice for all seasons. Name the most popular one that was exported in the 70’s.
a. Dinorado
b. C – 5 variety
c. sampagita
d. C – 4 variety

110. Convert this confiscated 8, 000 grams of dangerous drugs into kilograms
a. 8 kg
b. 800 kg
c. 800 kg
d. 80 kg

111. If April 13 is a Friday, on what day April 21 falls?
a. Monday
b. Saturday
c. Thursday
d. Friday

112. Almost all nations believe in giving a roof to cover every family’s head. How does the government address this?
a. Developing housing czars
b. Creating a cabinet for housing
c. Establishing homes for middle class families
d. Driving squatter along river

113. The presence of fake doctors and malpractioners on medical/health services are growing in number. Ho may this be discouraged?
a. Ignore the presence of such persons
b. Refuse patronage of said services
c. Take patients to professional medical practitioners
d. Identifying such personalities and reporting them to authorities

114. Majority of school children have been found with very defective teeth. How does the government address the problem?
a. Put up the factories for toothbrush
b. Open up dental clinics in the barangay
c. Donate toothpaste to every complete elementary school
d. Subject first grade pupils to early dental treatment

115. The volume of a gas is inversely proportional to its pressure. When the pressure is 30 cm of mercury, the volume is 600 cubic cm. Find the pressure when the volume is 250 cubic cm.
a. 28 cm of mercury
b. 2.5 cm of mercury
c. 72 cm of mercury
d. 65 cm of mercury

116. Students on the secondary schools are asked to go home when
a. typhoon no. 3 is raised
b. typhoon signal no. 1 is raised
c. typhoon signal no. 2 is raised
d. there is flood caused by high tide

117. A rice field is divided into four sections. Each section is 25 meters by 38 meters. Get the perimeter of each section.
a. 152 m
b. 126 m
c. 156 m
d. 146 m

118. To assure healthy banking industry, the Bangko Central has encouraged
a. selling of stocks to interested buyers
b. bank Merger
c. bank closure and declared bankruptcy
d. bank tie up with foreign banks

119. Hacienda Rosita was to be decided among 22 tenants. Each tenant will be rewarded 6-hectares each. What was the area of Hacienda Rosita?
a. 152 hectares
b. 132 hectares
c. 122 hectares
d. 142 hectares

120. The Department of agriculture noted that only 1/3 of the palay produced are used to advantage. What measure was adapted to save observed harvest wastage?
a. Palay drying and storage
b. Rice milling process
c. Rice transplanting method
d. Palay exchange and marketing

121. What does this means? Excuses are for losers… those who take responsibility for their actions are real winners in life.” This tells of
a. losers who often fail because they find reasons for losing
b. a winner can also be a quitter
c. accountability of one’s action tells of bravery
d. excuses are needed to justify any failure

122. A couple accepted a wedding invitation. They showed pleasure in these remarks.
a. All guests congratulated the organizers and couple.
b. Guests came in and out of the ceremonies
c. The ceremonies were very impressive
d. I felt uneasy with the priest

123. Factories are raided to determine the presence of working children and women. Why should these raids be done?
a. To determine the humane treatment of workers
b. To determine the condition of the working place
c. To determine the rights of children and women in works places
d. To determines violation of the labor code

124. Sea accidents have been caused by disregard of typhoon signals. When are basic suspended from lifting anchor?
a. Signal # 1
b. Signal # 2
c. Signal # 3
d. Signal # 4

125. Ang wikang Filipino ay hawig sa mga wika sa Asya. Alin ditto ang pinakamalapit sa Filipino?
a. katakana
b. mandarin
c. bahasa
d. malayo

126. A diet full of animal fat usually comes up with patients found ill of ____________
a. Diabetes
b. Kidney malfunction
c. Hypertension
d. Sclerosis

127. Sea turtles multiply fast because they propagate through
a. egg hatching
b. migrato
c. transfusion
d. mutation

128. Clogged blood vessels often cause heart ailment. What process is used by cardiologists whereby clogged arteries are replaced?
a. Angioplasty
b. Plastic surgery
c. Heart bypass
d. X-ray

129. The host had only 8 ¼ gallons of ice cream to serve. Upon arrival of the guest she served 3 ½ gallons. How many gallons are left for the late corners?
a. 5 ¼ gallons
b. 4 ½ gallons
c. 4 ¾ gallons
d. 4 1/8 gallons

130. Find 1 2/5 x 1 ¼ / 7/18
a. ¾
b. 4 ½
c. 1/5
d. 4/5

131. Ang kimonong suot sa centennial ay patuloy pagkat ____ito nang lahat.
a. papamalakihin
b. ipagmalaki
c. pagmamalaki
d. ipinagmamalaki

132. What is the product of (3+20) (4- 30)?
a. –598
b. 598
c. 59.8
d. 5.98

133. The first prize of P40, 000,000 was shared by 16 winners. How much will each claim?
a. P 2,500, 000.00
b. P 2, 800, 000.00
c. P 3,000, 000.00
d. P 2, 700, 000.00

134. To avoid the thinning of the ozone layer, what should be avoided in waste disposal?
a. Dumping waste in the river
b. Dumping waste into landfills
c. Dumping waste into the sea
d. Burning garbage in pits

135. Children with smallpox, chickenpox, or measles should be segregated or quarantined. When should this be done?
a. The set on the fever
b. The first days of skin wound healing
c. The first week upon skin eruption
d. The most infections stage is within 2 days of the fever

136. A couple was just married when the groom is three scores older than the bride. How old is the bride is she is one score younger?
a. 20 years
b. 50 years
c. 30 years
d. 40 years

137. Ms. Cruz had her house raided by authorities. She refused to open the door. Was she right? She has the right
a. to assert her individually
b. to protection against police authorities
c. to life, liberty and property
d. to do self defense

138. Which of the following is the least stable measure of central tendency?
a. median and mode
b. mode
c. median
d. mean

139. Mean is to a central tendency as Standard deviation is to:
a. Discrimination  
b. level of difficulty
c. correlation
d. variability

140. Natives of ancestral lands have been asserting their ownership of lands. This has been addressed by Congress in what way?
a. Laws and administration have identified ancestral landaus and report on owner
b. Ancestral lands of lumads are government reservation
c. Ancestral land of lumads are government reservation
d. The Commission on human right has returned the lands to the lumads

141. Ano ang ibig sabihin ng tigi-putukan?
a. Mahinahon
b. Handa
c. Mapagsarili
d. Mapagsamantala

142. Ano ang ibig sabihin ng tigil – putukan?
a. walang maglalaban sa loob ng takdang araw
b. sumuko ang mga rebelde
c. walang lalabas sa kawal
d. tigil ang labarian sa isang panig

143. A Filipino committed a crime in America. He returned to the Philippines after wards. Can he be asked to return to the State for trial?
a. Yes, because he committed the crime
b. No, because he is a Filipino
c. Yes, if it is covered by an extradition order agreed upon by both countries
d. Yes, because covered he has proven his innocence

144. Before Pres. Estrada to Washington D.C. is the doing liaison from the Department of Foreign Affairs?
a. Ambassador Bautista
b. Ambassador Maceda
c. Ambassador Romero
d. Ambassador Brillantes

145. A child insisted on knowing her real father. What right is involved?
a. Right to education
b. Right to name and identity
c. Right to freedom of choice
d. Right to seek the truth

146. Immunization is done by health authorities to children age 2 moths to 2 years old. Vaccination is to stop the spread of
a. Cholera
b. Meads
c. Rabies
d. Diphtheria

147. The wounded soldiers were visited by the President who honored then with ____ for their ____.
a. Medals – valor
b. Appearance – bravery
c. Appointments – consistency
d. Money – sacrifice

148. Ano ang Katumbas ng Decalohue ni Apilonario mabini na nagsasaad ng aral sa Filipino?
a. New Society – ni President marcos
b. Ten Commandments
c. Code of Citizenship – ni President Quezon
d. Code of Ethics – ni Kalantiaw

149. The harvest of corn is P 8.00 per kilograms. The whole harvest total worth is P 10, 000.00. How many kilograms was the corn harvest?
a. 1050 kg
b. 1250 kg
c. 2000 kg
d. 2250 kg

150. What must be employed to continuously strengthen a school guidance program?
a. Assignment of responsibilities
b. Research
c. Evaluation
d. Program planning

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