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LET - General Education Reviewer

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

1. HIGH-MINDED person wouldn’t lie.
a. Unprincipled
b. Mean
c. Corrupt
d. Honorable

2. Ito ay kuro-kuro ng patnugot hinggil sa mahalaga at napapanahong isyu sa araw na iyon. Ano ito?
a. Lathalian
b. Editorya
b. Balita
d. Pitak

3. Who is the president who is known for his, “Filipino First Policy” and Austerity Program?
a. Diosdado Macapagal
b. Ramon Magsaysay
c. Carlos P. Garcia
d. Manuel Roxas

4. The Rizal Day celebration reminds us about heroes worth_________.
a. Appreciating
b. Reading about
c. Emulating
d. Studying

5. What is the ratio in the lowest terms of two hours to 30 minutes?
a. 2:4
b. 4:1
c. 2:5
d. 2:30

6. Why is the Uranium classified as radioactive element?
a. It is artificially produced in the laboratory
b. It emits alpha particles
c. It is a useful radio component
d. It is observed to be hyperactive

7. Which City suffered from the first atomic bomb on August 6, 1945?
a. Chernobyl
b. Moscow
c. Nagasaki
d. Hiroshima

8. What is the form of government whose identifying feature is the separation of power?
a. Monarchial
b. Presidential
c. Aristocracy
d. Socialist

9. Which of the following organisms transmit the malarial parasite?
a. Ants
b. Flies
c. Culex mosquito
d. Anopheles mosquito

10. Alin ang pahayagang intinatag ni Marcelo H. del Pilar upang ilathala ang pagbatikos sa maling pamamahala ng mga kastila?
a. El Porvenir
b. El Resumen
c. Diariong Tagalog
d. La Solidaridad

11. After ten unfruitful years, Luz finally quit the job. She __________ along with her boss for a long time before she finally decided to look for a new position.
a. didn’t get
b. isn’t getting
c. hasn’t been getting
d. hadn’t been getting

12.  She was excused because all she said were white lies. This idiomatic expression means _______.
a. lies recited are excusable
b. the lies are really harmless
c. she recited the lies in public
d. the lies are written on written on white pages

13.  “When will Miss Razon retire?”Soon, I think. She _________ for a long time. She’ll probably retire next year”
a. have been working
b. had been working
c. has been working
d. is working

14.  Matapos alagaan at pakainin sa palad siya ay kinagat sa sariling kanang kamay. Ito’y  kahulugan sa:
a. Katraydoran sa negosyo
b. Kawalang utang na loob
c. Kabastusan ng tao
d. Kawalan ng galang sa matanda

15. Value formation is done through a process. Awareness is not enough. What is most lasting?
a. Preaching on values
b. Intellectualization
c. Modeling the value through behavior
d. Posting slogans to the effect

16. Recent bank runs into bankruptcy because of:
a. Corruption
b. Mismanagement
c. Flight of capital
d. Loss of capital

17.  Kitchen fuel that has caused big conflagration in homes and cities are:
a. Use of electric stoves
b. Use of firewood
c. Use of saw dust for fuels
d. Use of gas stove

18.  In June, classes in home economics are asked to prepare fruits into
a. preserved fruit juices
b. conserved fruit juices
c. preserved fruit confections
d. preserved fruit products

19. The committee discussed the issues and everyone at the end seemed________ to the findings
a. ignorant and civil
b. reluctant to accept
c. negative get open
d. amendable to consider

20. The advice on the invitation was found who failed to get the message?
a. Barong Tagalog please
b. Come in coat and tie
c. Polo barong with denims are OK
d. Denim pants are all right

21. On is stressed in given situations. Choose the situation called for
a. Her visitors are on the way
b. Be on time please
c. He came on a holiday
d. It happened on a Tuesday

22. To which type of rock does granite belong?
a. Metamorphic
b. Deposits
c. Igneous
d. Sedimentary

23. Which of the following decibels would likely cause noise pollution?
a. 30-40
b. 90-100
c. 60-70
d. 10-15

24. Which is the type of cooperative, which promotes thrift among the members and create funds in order to grant loans?
a. Service Cooperative
b. Credit Cooperative
c. Consumers Cooperative
d. Producers Cooperative

25. People who are too_______ are liable to be deceived by unscrupulous individuals.
a. wary
b. credulous
c. cynical
d. demanding

26. What type of cooperative provides assistance to general public such as transportation, health and housing?
a. Consumer
b. Producer
c. Credit
d. Service

27. A dinner menu offers choices of 7 appetizers, 12 main dishes, and 6 desserts. How many ways can you choose one of each course?
a. 72
b. 504
c. 25
d. 84

28. Choose the biotic component of an ecosystem.
a. Sulfur
b. Carbon
c. Temperature
d. Organisms

29. Kailan natin ipinadiriwang ang Lingo ng Wika?
a. Hunyo 13-19
b. Agosto 13-19
c. Agosto 1-31
d. Marso 13-19

30. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang hindi maituturing na pangungusap?
a. Maraming salamat
b. Umaaraw ngayon
c. Kung aalis ka
d. Maroon bang dadalo?

31. Piliin sa mga sumusunod ang tiyak tiyak na hakbang sa pagtuturo.
a. Istratehiya
b. Teknik
c. Pamaraan
d. Pagkatutu

32. Sino ang tinaguriang ama ng demokrasyang Pilipino?
a. Emilio Aguinaldo
b. Emilio Jacinto
c. Andres Bonifacio
d. Apolinario Mabini

33. Huwag “pagbuhatan ng kamay” ang batang walang kalaban-laban. Ano ang ibig sabihin?
a. Pagbuhatin ng mabigat
b. Itali ang kamay
c. Saktan
d. Pagtrabahuin

34. Who was our President who promised to “make this country great again”.
a. Magsaysay
b. Garcia
c. Macapagal
d. Marcos

35. What are the two missing numbers in this sequence? 1,2,4,7,11,16, ___, 29, ________, 46
a. 22, 35
b. 23, 36
c. 23, 38
d. 22, 37

36. “She is a vision of feminine pulchritude.” This quote stand for________
a. Homeliness
b. Plain
c. Loveliness
d. Simple

37. What instrument is used to measure the intensity of earthquakes?
a. Barograph
b. Thermograph
c. Seismograph
d. Hygrograph

38. Which of the following theories of values development is by far convincing as regards nurturing of health concept of oneself to acquire a positive value system?
a. Humanistic
b. Person-centered
c. Psycho-analytic
d. Confluent

39. The army’s retreat was IGNOMINICUSFUL. This means
a. Reputable
b. Honorable
c. Shame
d. Mysterious

40. When we think, study and react consciously which part of the brain is functioning?
a. Cortex
b. Cerebellum
c. Cerebrum
d. Thalamus

41. “Minds are like parachutes; they function only when they open.” This statement refers to ones
a. Unthinking
b. Wide spread
c. Lack of privacy
d. Critical thinking

42. Foreign investors are discouraged in doing business with our country. What condition is being blamed for this?
a. Poor standards
b. Poor technology
c. Deteriorating peace and order
d. High tariffs

43. The host at a party has only 8 gallons of ice cream to serve. She served 3 gallons to the early guests. How many gallons of ice cream are left for the late comers
a. 4
b. 4 1/8
c. 4 ¾
d. 5

44. Sa pangungusap na, Panahon na upang “magdilat ng mata at makisangkot sa mga usapin” ay nagpapahiwatig na
a. Kalimutang isyu
b. Umiwas sa usapin
c. Idilat ang mga mata
d. Magising sa katotohanan

45. Under trade relations which could facilitate the entry and exchange to products with other countries?
a. UNESCO policies on trade
b. UN agreement on Trade
c. General Agreement of Tariff and Trade
d. Dumber ton Act

46. Watching TV is controlled by parents. Children below 18 are discouraged from viewing which types of film?
a. Battle grounds
b. Historic ruins
c. Vices
d. Violence and sex

47. What type of thermo-nuclear reaction occurs in the sun which generates a tremendous amount of heat energy?
a. Fission
b. Radiation
c. Convection
d. Fusion

48. It may seem FRIVOLOUS to you, but it’s important to me.
a. Significant
b. Vital
c. Practical
d. Worthless

49. Mahusay “maglubid ng buhangin” ang taong gipit. Ano ang ibig sabihin?
a. Maghukay
b. Magyabang
c. Magsinungaling
d. Magpaikot-ikot

50. “Ang pisngi ni Mary ay kasing pula ng makopa. “Ito ay isang halimbawa ng anong uri ng pananalita?
a. Metonomiya
b. Pandiwantao
c. Patulad
d. Pawangis

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