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LET Reviewer in General Education

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

101. How do you write 2.09 in words?
a. Two point nine
b. Two and nine tenths 
c. Two point zero nine
d. Two and nine hundredths

102. If a=3, b=4, and c=6, find the value of square root of b square?
a. 2
b. 8
c. 16
d. 4

103. A bomb was dropped in an area where rebels were hiding. The perimeter of the damaged area was 480 meters and the width was 15 meters. What was the length of the damaged area?
a. 225 meters
b. 200 meters
c. 125 meters
d. 425 meters

104. A square garden is fenced by barbed wire. Three sides cost P6, 000.00. How much would the fencing of the last side cost?
a. P4, 000.00 
b. P10, 000.00
c. P8, 000.00 
d. P2, 000.00

105. Two times a certain number added to 30 gives the same result as three times the same number subtracted from 90. What is the number?
a. 12
b. 20
c. 15
d. 30

106. Check the following answers. Which of them is CORRECT?
a. If a=2 and b=3 then a square b square =36
b. If a =2 and b=3 then a square b square=108
c. If a=2 and b=4 then a square b =32
d. If a =3 and b=4 and c=12, then a b square c =5184

107. What is the greatest common factor of 4, 6, 8?
a. 2
b. 6
c. 4
d. 3

108. How many years are there in a centennial?
a. 50
b. 100
c. 10
d. 20

109. Write the ratio in the lowest term; 1 hour to 15 minutes.
a. 4:1
b. 1:15
c. 1:4
d. 1:3

110. Congress is bent on passing into law the Clean All Bill. The significant effect will be on the.
a. Lessening of motor vehicles
b. Increase in the price of prime commodities
c. Reduction of lead and other chemical pollutants
d. Sudden decrease of oil supply for vehicular use

111. At the outset of the rainy season the epidemic of H-fever is feared! Which practice is the best approach to prevent its occurrence in homes?
a. Clean the yards of breeding places for mosquitoes like old tires, cans, etc.
b. Fumigate the house with smoke and chemicals
c. Submit children to vaccination
d. Avoid mosquito bites in the afternoons

112. Classes in science follow the scientific procedure. What in experiments follows the definition of the problem?
a. Formulate hypothesis 
b. Gather relevant materials
c. Draw conclusions
d. State generalization

113. A cadet fell ill after a hectic parade. The doctor traced the illness to
a. Parading with thick shirts and pants
b. Parading with heavy wooden guns
c. Parading and marching briskly
d. Parading soaked in perspiration and dying up the same

114. There was a time when the moon appeared blue. Blue moon to others means:
a. Watching together romantically 
b. Prediction of drought 
c. Prediction of good harvest
d. Bad omen for married folks

115. The health authorities have been alarmed by many cases of adults and young with AIDS
a. Children wit AIDS acquired illness from classmates
b. AIDS in infants acquired before birth
c. Infant get AIDS from infected mother
d. AIDS is transmitted only adults

116. A patient collapsed due to her low sugar level in the blood. What first aid must be applied at once?
a. Give a glass of coca cola or sprite
b. Give a cold glass of coffee with sugar
c. Give a hot glass of milk without sugar
d. Allow the patient to take hot porridge

117. The Department of Health allows sale of drugs and medicine after thorough laboratory test. Which of those drugs is discouraged for use because of its component?
a. Tea and sugar syrup
b. Vitamin A and B
c. none syrup
d. Bangkok pills

118. A Sony Television set is imported from the United State. To ensure the right use of electric connection, what should be needed?
a. Resistor 
b. Capacitor 
c. Transformer
d. Generator

119. After the airplane crash in the Mountain of Misamis Oriental, what was the easiest source of identification of the victims?
a. Identification of bone structure 
b. Identification of eyes 
c. Identification of body length
d. Series of teeth available

120. Food markets are encouraged to handle cooked food well. One incident in a wedding party sends hundreds of guest to the hospital. It was found out that the food
a. Was half cooked 
b. Was contaminated with dysentery bacteria
c. Had ptomaine poison d. Was left uncovered

121. Which of the following is a misconception on pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB)?
a. PTB is transmitted through kissing
b. Children of parents with pulmonary tuberculosis will inherit the disease
c. PTB is caused by a bad spirit in the environment
d. Pulmonary tuberculosis can be transmitted through blood extraction

122. Modern science has used technology to help doctors determine illness. A child bumped and fell with his head hitting a concrete pavement. Which medical approach will determine the status of the cranial accident?
a. I open up and do surgical operations 
b. Submit the child to chest x-ray 
c. Submit the child to cranial x-ray
d. Submit the child to cranial scanning

123. Farmers are asked to change their crops by season. What approach is applied in this case?
a. Strip cropping 
b. Crop rotation
c. Continuous farming
d. Terracing

124. The improvements of cattle breeds have reached significant heights. The method propagated is through
a. Cloning of selected herds 
b. Artificial insemination 
c. Castration of poor makes
d. Total destruction and elimination of poor breeds

125. The Manila Zoo had additional young lions and tigers recently. How could these animals be best attended?
a. Appointing a zoo manager whose expertise is on pediatric cases
b. Submitting such young ones to the care of a veterinarian who handles cases of food and mouth diseases
c. Assigning a veterinarian whose expertise is on small animals
d. Converting the breeding places into swimming Ponds

126. Heart attack has claimed many lives. Out of 380 experimented men and women it was established that those who were less prone to heart attack were tea drinkers. The 44% findings shows
a. That caffeine cause more heart ailment 
b. Tea makes people active 
c. Tea leads to the reduction of fats
d. Tea with tanin is less dangerous

127. Protest from inhabitants close to dumping sites of Metro Manila waste arise from some observable factors. The most serious of which is
a. Noise pollutants from garbage trucks 
b. Presence of flies and mosquitoes 
c. Presence of human being dumped in the site
d. Unlimited seepage of waste into the water sheds

128. A wedding motif is pale pink. The available orchid is all white dendrobium. What property of water will allow the change from water colored red?
a. Polarity 
b. Surface tension
c. High/low specific
d. Capillarity

129. Operation linis led by government officials and students in Metro Manila was conducted in April 1999 in anticipation of
a. Clogged rivers caused by garbage 
b. Volcanic eruptions 
c. Food waters from Banahaw 
d. Effects of El Nino

130. Philippines eagles are identified as rare species. Lately, in Davao more eagles were raised through
a. Incubating eggs from their nests
b. Putting up eagle farms under the Bureau of Wildlife
c. Catching eagles and raised them in cages
d. Artificial insemination through fertilized eggs

131. A cave in Rizal has been subject to local protest and attention. The artifacts and wildlife will be preserved if this is resorted to:
a. Lease the cave to a real estate developer
b. Identify the place as a government reservation under the control and preservation of the DENR
c. Convert the place into a tourist spot handled by Department of Tourism
d. Protect the caves from enterprising treasure hunters

132. Seafarers decide to leave the shores when the weather bureau declares the signals for travel. Small boats between islands of Romblon, Marinduque and Mindoro cannot sail if the signal raised is.
a. Signal #3
b. Signal #2
c. Signal #4
d. Signal #1

133. Mindanao areas especially those in Davao del Norte and Surigao suffered flood for weeks. This can be attributed to the
a. Opening of mineral mines 
b. Heavy rainfall of monsoon rains 
c. The endless cutting of forest trees
d. Opening of new national highways

134. Scientific attitudes require of learners accuracy and verification of data. Which manifestation is often observed in experimentation?
a. Curiosity 
b. Objectivity
c. Critical mindedness
d. Rationality

135. Marinduque mines caused the death of sea products around the shores. What has caused the disaster on the sea products?
a. Toxic wastes were channeled down the nearby streams
b. Toxic wastes seeped through the walls
c. Toxic wastes were recycled to produce electricity
d. Toxic wastes were sent down the mine tanks

136. The proper disposal of garbage has improved the environment. The best process of handling waste is through
a. Recycling biodegradable waste 
b. Emerging waste water soluble waste 
c. Utilization of organic compounds
d. Burning non-biodegradable waste

137. The nervous system has its specific function. Which is the closet function?
a. Impulses transmit messages to the brain by electrical signal
b. The spinal cord links the fingertips to the brain
c. Human body activities are all in the nervous system
d. The nervous system depends most on the brain

138. Birds have shapes that influenced the building of aircrafts. What feature is most present in airplanes?
a. The presence of hollow oblong body 
b. The presence of head 
c. The presence of a tail
d. The presence of wings

139. Bottled drinking water has gone economically high. However, the Department of Health warms of unsafe water in bottles because.
a. The process of osmosis is defective
b. Some pumping station draw dirt from leaking pipes
c. Some are re-bottled from the well
d. The water source is not certified

140. During emergency like war, typhoons and earthquake, the Red Cross sends supplies. How comes safe water is considered a must during its campaign?
a. Food cannot be taken without water
b. Men can survive without water for weeks
c.Water sources usually are dry during earthquakes and typhoons
d. Safe drinking water will foretell waterborne epidemics

141. Prohibitive drugs have caused misery to families. Quite a number of the drug dependents were saved by.
a. Allowing the dependents to take more of the drug and stop eventually
b. Subjecting the dependents to drug rehabilitates centers
c. Hospitalization and surgical treatment
d. Hospitalizing some in mental clinics

142. Plants are brought out the house at night. Choose the condition, which may affect the health of people.
a. During the day, the plant requires a supply of carbon Dioxide
b. Plant’s stomata executes excess water in the soil
c. During the night, plants can minimize water loss
d. During the night, the plant requires a supply of oxygen

143. Health authorities get frustrated with their health campaigns when people are influenced by superstition. Which of the following is not a superstition?
a. A visitor is expected when a fork or spoon is dropped
b. Seven years accompany incidents of broken mirrors
c. The moon gets directly in the sun’s light causing an eclipse.
d. White travelling a black cat crosses your path

144. The World Health Organization has spent much to reduce the incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis. One of list best approach is through
a. Tuberculin test 
b. Small pox vaccination
c. Triple vaccination
d. Anti-diphtheria doses

145. If you were to convert the height of your room for better ventilation, what would 1.60 m. be equivalent to?
a. 1.6 dm
b. 160 cm.
c. 16 cm.
d. 1,600 mm

146. Agricultural productivity is the thrust of every administration. However, the bumper com production in Mindanao was handicapped by El Nino. Experts believe the situation could have been saved if only
a. Farm to market roads were available
b. Commercial cartel were discouraged
c. Better seeding were distributed
d. Post harvest facilities like warehouses were available
147. Recent studies of children often over fed burgers and junk foods suffer from diseases with this symptom showing.
a. Sluggishness and insomnia 
b. Body overweight in apple or matchbox shapes
c. Lack appetite 
d. Frequent visits to restrooms

148. The campaign against dengue is most effective if
a. Water containers are open to gather rain
b. Biodegradable waste are kept in plastic bags
c. Old tires are thrown in empty backyard
d. Surroundings are free from stagnant waters

149. A child wanted to use her father’s family name. Why did she insist on this?
a. Every individual has a right to be baptized
b. Every child should have a father
c. Every individual has a right to a proper identity
d. Every child should be called by her paternal name

150. Government and non-government workers enjoy medical and hospitalization privileges under the medicare program. What entity looks into all Filipinos regardless of employment or non-employment?
a. Philcare 
b. Lifeline
c. Philam Life 
d. Compensation Act

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