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LET Reviewer in General Education

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

151. There had been demonstrations and opposition to death penalty by lethal injection. This opposition invokes the.
a. Right to die naturally 
b. Right freedom of speech 
c. Right to life, liberty and property
d. Right to ownership of property

152. Students and teachers stand at attention during flag ceremonies. School principals assign guards on the street to stop vehicles during the ceremonies. School principals assign guards on the street to stop vehicles during the ceremonies. How does the public take this practice?
a. Stopping traffic is not the job of the school
b. The flag is all citizens; it’s a symbol of the nation
c. Only military or policemen should stop and salute the flag
d. Only school children should be controlled in this ceremony

153. The United Nations often requests the presence of a nation’s police or army force in a troubled country. The Philippines usually sends its contingent known.
a. Peace and Goodwill Ambassadors
b. Army Development Group 
c. Peace Officer Cop
d. Peace Force

154. The government has encouraged conversion of big lands to socialized housing. What condition should be satisfied to have an agricultural land converted to a subdivision?
a. The land is declared a public land 
b. The land has transferred the tenants
c. The tenants are given a part of the land
d. The lands is not tenanted

155. Drug addiction has been found rampant in schools. The initial signs of addiction are in.
a. Sleeping during recitation time 
b. Shabby and unkempt appearance 
c. Red nose and cheeks at noon
d. Abusive language and behavior

156. Where will the government get funds to support the agrarian reform program?
a. Donations from foreign land
b. Confiscated unexplained wealth of the Marcoses
c. Sale of government assets
d. Confiscated assents of foreign investors in the Philippines

157. A man imprisoned for six years. After six years, he was found innocent. What can this man demand?
a. Punishment to the arresting officer 
b. Sanction against the judge 
c. Retaliation against the accusers
d. Compensation for the years under detention

158. Nations all work towards peace. Lately, nations agreed to do away with deadly weapons, so they all worked against the maintenance of.
a. Atomic bombs
b. Chemical bombs
c. Fighter jets
d. Nuclear bomb

159. Agriculture credits were outgrowth of hunger in communities. This started off in:
a. Red China 
b. France 
c. West Germany
d. Canada

160. A child was left alone by her mother under the care of her stepfather. Later, the child complained of being raped. What crime was committed?
a. Abuse of minors or incest
b. Rape of heinous crime
c. Child harassment
d. Sexual harassment

161. A society is healthy if the citizens are healthy physically and mentally. One approach to solve mental illness is.
a. Conducting periodic visits of mental and physical therapist in home of patients
b. The maintenance of mental health centers
c. Allowing mental cases to turn to home environment and care
d. Isolation in asylum cases of mentally disturbed persons

162. The Philippines hosts’ international training institutions, one of which is.
a. RELC 
b. UP-Los Banos

Filipinos have national heroes to worship and emulate. Jose Rizal called the attention of women and the need to know themselves. These are found in his writing known as.
a. Letters to the Woman of Malolos 
b. El Filibusterismo 
c. Noli Me Tangere
d. Mi Ultimo Adios

163. What artifacts were discovered to identify the occupations of early Filipinos?
a. Bolo and Sword 
b. Hunting and jungle knives 
c. Bow and Arrows
d. Fishnets and Spikes

164. The recent comprehensive tax allows no investigation and audit of assets and income if.
a. They declare only what is earned for the year
b. They file income tax on time
c. They pay in two installments
d. They avail of 20% payment in addition to their declared taxable in come

165. A peace officer forced open the house of a drug pusher. The drug pusher complained on the police officer’s actuation because he alleged that.
a. The officer was armed
b. He was not around when the incident happened
c. The officer had warrant of arrest
d. The right for privacy was violated

166. A group of Filipinos work in a foreign land. Which sad situation has been reported by the Office of Overseas workers?
a. A group engaged in drinking
b. The men and women felt lonely and got entangled in due time
c. The men did a lot overtime to maintain their new wives
d. There was observed relationship between sexes

167. A candidate was detained for working against a dominant political party. Which right can be invoked?
a. Right to vote according to one’s conscience
b. Right to his political beliefs
c. Right to seek redress
d. Right to his aspiration

168. When is death penalty imposed on a drug pusher or user?
a. The victim is caught sniffing rugby in bottles
b. The victim is caught with 2 grams of shabu
c. A victim is apprehend with 2 kilograms of shabu and with a policemen
d. The victim has committed rape because of being high on drugs

169. The Philippines relates to the global market through the

170. The government has control of many government corporations and industries. What was deregulated and allowed to raise prices without control?
a. Water source 
b. Fishing industry
c. Mining industry
d. Oil industry

171. A cooperative organized for retail merchandising is classified under _______credits.
a. Electric
b. Consumer
c. Farming/agricultural
d. Credit/loan

172. Cooperative concepts are taught in social studies classes. What is used as the laboratory for cooperative management in a school?
a. School shop 
b. School paper
c. School retail store
d. School canteen

173. Since the Philippines is a republic, it elects its president directly. What is the smallest electoral unit of the government?
a. Commission of Electrons 
b. Election Precinct 
c. Representative district 
d. Electoral tribunal

174. A parcel of land had its title transferred to the farmers tilling the farm. Who takes care of the land tax after the release/transfer of title?
a. The landowner pays as long as the produce is given to him/her.
b. The tenant pays the regular tax of the land
c. The government condones the tax payment
d. The government provides exemption

175. A law was passed in July 1998 imposing death penalty against a drug pusher or possessor of 2 kilos of shabu. He was caught and convicted in August 1997. The judge sentenced him with death penalty. What right was violated?
a. Ex post facto law 
b. Human rights law
c. No bill of rights
d. Bill of attainder

176. During the United Nation’s week in October, what is most significant and meaningful to students?
a. Parading of different colorful costumes
b. Recognizing different flags of nation
c. Researching on international boundaries
d. Writing articles about foreign embassies in the Philippines

177. A priest gave all his possessions to disabled children. What right may they claim?
a. Right to proper shelter 
b. Right to just treatment 
c. Right of disabled to equal treatment
d. Right of disabled to equal protection

178. Personal income tax should be paid and filed every year by employees and corporation. Who among the group are exempt from filling income tax returns?
a. Retired government employees receiving only pensions
b. Government employees on daily, contractual and consultation basis
c. Overseas workers
d. Government employees receiving less than P18,000 per year

179. Provincial governor was convicted for using prisoners to build his summer resort. What should the prisoners demand?
a. The right to vote 
b. The right to refuse the job 
c. The right to just compensation 
d. The right to live in standard rooms

180. In the Philippines government, the earliest and smallest service of governance is the.
a. Barangay
b. Municipality
c. Poblacion
d. Barrio

181. Hospitals usually require blood transfusion to patients in need of blood. There are religious sects that refuse blood letting and transfusion. They are the
a. Seventh Day Adventists Groups 
b. Catholic
c. Buddhists
d. Baptists

182. How does the Philippines show its identity in airlines?
a. Playing Filipino songs in Philippine Airlines plane
b. Displaying the Philippine flag in carriers
c. Pilots wearing Philippine ensigna
d. Stewardess dressed in Philippine costume

183. The city government of Metro Manila had been closing and raiding night spots. What is the basic reason of the campaign?
a. The fast spread of HIV and AIDS are traces to these places
b. Many homes are destroyed by these night clubs
c. These spots are areas of crime
d. The values of the young are affected by these clubs

184. Which of the following information is derived from the records of student?
a. Description of behavior and treatment
b. Significant episodes showing marked deviation from the normal behavior
c. Description of friendship patterns
d. Significant factors contributing to self-understanding

185. At the beginning of the school year, the guidance counselor should invite all students by class, to visit the office and fill out an information sheet. It should be made clear to the student that the guidance office is for students_______.
a. who go there voluntarily
b. with behavioral problems only
c. who cannot be disciplined
d. with or without behavioral problems

186. The only way an individual grows up and learns to accept and be comfortable with oneself is by ______.
a. Consulting with peers
b. Having maturing experiences along life span
c. Being defiant and misbehaving
d. Solving his problems as they come

187. A sophomore transferee seems to be withdrawn from his classmates. What should be done to assist him?
a. Assign some of his classmates to be with him
b. Determine the cause of his behavior
c. Give him encouragement and support
d. Give him ample time to socialize

188. Which of the following is the best guide in handling disciplinary problems in present-day schools?
a. The teacher must at all cost uphold the dignity of the individual within the scope of a realistic-teacher-pupil relationship
b. Sarcasm, ridicule, intimidation and the like should never be used
c. The use of corporal punishment and other activities designed to harm pupils should be prohibited 
d. The teacher should be never vigilant alert and active in sensing the needs of the pupils

189. The student requested the guidance counselor to give her the standardized test result of her cousin but the counselor tactfully turned down the request. What guidance principle was used by the counselor?
a. mutuality 
b. Confidentiality
c. Objectivity
d. Subjectivity

190. Periodic checks on students’ seatwork with a smile and pat on the shoulder as effective reinforcers of good study habits is an example of:
a. fixed interval and variable-interval schedule
b. continuous reinforcement 
c. variable schedule
d. discrimination reinforcement 

191. A student who is lagging behind in his academic work should be:
a. placed in a section where students have low ability
b. placed in a special education class
c. given remedial instruction
d. given a special curriculum

192. You have a pupil who is so talkative, naughty, and aggressive that he is a burden to the entire members of the class. What is the first remedy to this problem?
a. talk to him seriously
b. report the case to the principal 
c. call the parents for a dialogue
d. reprimand him always

193. The ideal counselor-student ratio is ____.
a. 1:500 
b. 1:700 
c. 1:900
d. 1:1000

194. When the classroom environment provides opportunities for the pupils to attain self-actualization of his potentials and abilities, the teacher is utilizing what approach?
a. developmental 
b. prophylactic
c. Punitive
d. Remedial

195. Guidance and teaching are inseparable process, but teaching can no longer be considered guiding when_____.
a. coercion and compulsion are utilized as forms of social control
b. problematic pupils are always referred to the counselor
c. the teacher lectures on morality when she sees it fit
d. the values of the teacher conflict with those of the pupils

196. A student develops self-confidence if____.
a. he is treated with justice and fairness
b. he is praised for his good deed
c. he is ignored when he commits mistakes 
d. he is allowed to do whatever he wants

197. Moral value is difficult to teach among young pupils. What would be an effective way to teach this concept?
a. set rules at the start of the school year
b. read stories with moral values
c. provide a role model
d. impose punitive measures for every rule behavior.

198. Norman has been disturbing the class by his constant misbehavior. What is the first thing that you would do if you were his teacher?
a. call for his parents to a dialog
b. explain to him the bad effects of his behavior
c. scold him in front of his classmates
d. write his name on the chalkboard

199. Which of the following would you say if two angry parents confront you about a fight between their children? 
a. Well, I want you to settle this peacefully
b. Stop it! You are worse than your children
c. Mat we listen to your children fist
d. Just a moment, let us keep calm and everything will be settled

200. What should the counselor do with records of attendance in her office?
a. Analyze and interpret the data and use the findings as bases for individual counseling
b. Keep them in the cabinet for future use
c. Tally the number of absences
d. Summarize the data and submit her findings to the principal

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