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LET Reviewer for Social Studies
LET Reviewer for Social Studies

1. What was the First Philippine Republic? 
A. The Republic proclaimed in Malolos 
B. The Republic proclaimed under the 1935 Constitution.
C. The Republic of the Philippines proclaimed in 1946 
D. The Republic proclaimed under the Japanese-sponsored Constitution

2. Which was the first government during the Japanese occupation? 
A. The Japanese-sponsored Republic of the Philippines 
B. Military Government 
C. Japanese Military Administration 
D. The Philippine Executive Commission

3. Which type of government did Aguinaldo establish? 
A. Unitary. 
B. Republican 
C. Revolutionary
D. Oligarchic

4. What characteristic/s of government is established by the 1987 Constitution?'
I. Presidential system of government with three branches 
II. Parliamentary system of government
III. The three branches of government are separate and independent of each other
IV. The three branches of government have a check and balance over each other.
A. I and IV 
B. II. Ill and IV
C. I. Ill arid IV
D. II only 

5. Does the right of the minority include the right to defy the decision of the majority?
A. it depends on the issue.
B. Yes
C. No
D. Yes, if the-minority group is older than the majority group.

6. With the basic principle on the rule of the majority; which one follows?
A. The wishes of the majority prevail over those of the minority.
B. The right of the minority, to express their opinion is suppressed. 
C. The majority is .always right. 
D. The minority does not have the right to protest the acts of the-majority.

7. With democratic participation as point of reference, which .does NOT belong to'the group?
A. Peoples’ initiative 
B. Party-list system 
C. Referendum
D. Senate investigation 

8. Which policy is an innovation of the 1987 Constitution?
A. To provide urban land reform and social housing program 
B. To establish a-parliamentary form of government
C. To give priority to education, science and technology, arts, culture and sports
D. To give "grant" of lands of public domain to qualified citizens 

9. Which is a new mode for proposing amendments to the Constitution as provided for by the 1987 Constitution? 
A. Citizens' Assemblies 
B. Referendum 
C. Plebiscite
D. People's initiative

10. In which ways is people power enshrined in the 1987 Constitution?

I. Initiative
II. Referendum 
III. Power of recall
IV. Senate investigation in aid of legislation

A. I and II 
B. I, II and III
C. II and III
D. III and IV 

11. Which article composed of 19 sections is said to be the "centerpiece" of the 1987 Constitution? The article on__________
A. human resources 
B. education
C. decentralization
D. social justice

12. Which does NOT properly describe a republican and democratic state?
A. Existence of a bill of rights. 
B. Observance of the principle of separation of powers and a system of checks and balances
C. Observance of the principle that ours Is a government of men and not of laws
D. Presence of elections through popular will

13. Which is NOT an exercise of academic freedom?
A. Arbitrary imposition of tuition fees
B. Determination of curriculum
C. Selection of teachers 
D. Selective admission of students 

14. Is land grabbing an act of deprivation of property without due process?
A. Yes, if the land grabber is rich.
B. No 
C. Yes
D. No, if the land grabber is landless

15. Which constitutional right is violated when without valid warrants and against the law the law enforcers search your house over your objections and, confiscate your personal belongings? 
A. Right against unreasonable searches and seizures
B. Right to free speech and expression 
C. Right of liberty of abode and changing the same
D. Right against self-incrimination

16. Which right is violated by wire tapping?
A. The right to private property 
B. The right to privacy of communication
C. The right to information on matters of public concern
D. Freedom of expression 

17. Can religious instruction be made compulsory for all children in public schools? 

I. Yes. If given free
II. Yes. If given outside class hours. 
III. Yes, only to those children whose parents give their consent in writing.

A. II and III 
B. II only
C. I and III
D. I, II and III

18. Ours is a government of _____ and not of _____. 
A. laws - men 
B. men - laws
C. lawyers - laws
D. laws - citizens.

19. Which is a legislative check on the President? 
A. Rejection of appointment/s by the President
B. Prescription of the qualifications of the President
C. Prescription of qualifications of judges of lower courts 
D. Inquiry into the wisdom of any pardon given by the President 

20. Which is a judicial check on the executive and legislative branches of the government?
A. Judges the constitutionality of executive orders 
B. Determines the term of a member of the House of Representatives
C. Prescribes the qualifications of, the President
D. Prescribes the qualifications of a Senator

21. In which instance is the independence of the judiciary shown?
A. The Supreme Court is beyond criticism.
B. The Supreme Court is given authority to appoint all officials and employees of the judiciary. 
C. The qualifications of the Justices of the Supreme Court can be changed by Congress. 
D. The salaries of the members of the Supreme Court and of the lower courts can be decreased during their-continuance in office.

22. Does Congress have the sole power to declare the existence of war? 
A. Yes. 
B. Yes provided the President approves of it.
C. No, the House of Representatives has also the power provided, vote is unanimous
D. No, the senate has also the power on condition that no Senator objects.

23. To foster patriotism and nationalism, accelerate social progress and promote total human liberation the State shall give priority to _____
A. education, science and technology
B. health services 
C. balanced and healthful ecology
D. role-of youth in nation building

24. Which is the fourth largest island in the country, often visited by typhoons .and with a very rugged interior? 
A. Negros 
B. Bohol
C. Samar
D. Leyte

25. Far from the central government/which is the only region that has its own government as decided by its people?

26. How has the fragmented nature of the topography of the Philippines affected the nation's progress? 
A. No pattern in the state of economic progress can be drawn
B. The state of the nation's economic progress is more or less the same across regions
C. The state of economic progress differs across regions. 
D. Regions in the northern part of the country are more economically progressive than those in the southern part.

27. Which region is in between the Cordillera and Sierra Madre mountain ranges that is dominantly agri-based?
A. llocos Region 
B. Cagayan Valley
C. Cordillera Administration Region
D. Batanes Islands 

28. The Philippines is in the Pacific plate. As a consequence, it is prone to_____.
A. flood 
B. volcanic eruptions
C. typhoons
D. earthquakes

29. In its mountains you mine gold. It also supplies most part of Luzon with fresh flowers and vegetables because of its climate. Which province is this?
A. Apayao 
B. Benguet
C. Mt. Province
D. Ifugao 

30. In which region does the big procession of the life-sized statue of the Black Nazarene, who is carried by barefooted men, take place every 9th of January and every Good Friday?
A. Cebu 
C. Bicol
D. Bohol

31. Cebu is to Sinulog as ________ is to Dinagyang 
A. Panay 
B. lloilo
C. Laguna
D. Bohol 

32. Where do devotees to Sto. Nino flocks in January for its "Ati-atihan"?
A. Aklan 
B. Tacloban
C. Tagbilaran
D. Cebu .

33. Complete this analogy: Nile River: World ;  _______ : Philippines
A. Amburayan River 
B. Rio Grande of Mindanao
C. Cagayan River
D. Agusan River

34. Which place in .CALABARZON was named "SpeciaI.Science and Nature City" of the
A. Los Baรฑos
B. Tagaytay
C. Pagsanjan
D. Kawit

35. What is the Bukidnon plateau known for?
A. Strawberry plantation 
B. Banana plantation
C. Orchidarium 
D. Pineapple plantation .

36. Why is Waling-waling considered the "Queen of Philippines Orchids?"
A. It blooms, rarely and when it blooms, it lasts.
B. It is the-most colorful orchid.
C. It is the most fragrant orchid. 
D. It is the rarest and most expensive orchid. 

37. Which one serves as the rice granary in northeast Philippines?
A. Cagayan Valley 
B. Nueva Ecija
C. Cordiljera Administrative Region
D. llocos Region 

38. Which CORRECTLY describe/s the Philippines?

I. The topography, of the Philippines is not monotonous in the sense that it is rugged.
II. The coastline is long and rugged
III. The word "variety" applies to its flora and fauna. 
IV. Its climate is warm but some elevated parts of the country are cool.

A. I, III and IV 
B. I, II, and IV
C. I, II, III and IV
D. II, III and IV

39. Which region is known for its "abel ules" (woven blankets)
A. Central Plain 
B. Cordillera
C. Cagayan
D. llocos 

40. Which characteristics are common to underdeveloped regions of the country?

I. Lack of infrastructure
II. Preserved natural resources
III. Lack of access to technologies, markets and credits

A. I, II and III 
B. I and II
C. Il and III
D. I and II 

41. Which province is identified with the treacherous mountain trail which is occasionally damaged by landslides during the rainy season consequently interrupting the delivery of fresh vegetable supply to the lowlands including Manila? 
A. Mt. Province 
B. Kalinga 
C. Benguet 
D. Ifugao 

42. Which province is helped developed by the advent of local and international tourists who go surfing in Siargao Island? 
A. Misamis Oriental 
B. Agusan del Sur 
C. Surigao del Sur .
D. Surigao del Norte

43. Which province in the Cordillera Administrative Region is known for its rich natural resources but its development is somehow hampered by several factors including tribal wars?
A. Mt. Province 
B. Abra
C. Kalinga
D. Apayao

44. What make/s Central Plain the “rice granary" of the country?
A. Rio Grande de Pampanga and Agno Grande
B. Agno Grande
C. Pantabangan Dam
D. Rio Grande de Pampanga

45. As preserved in Bisayan tradition, which island was bought by ten Malay datus from Borneo who left Borneo with their families, due to discontentment under the tyrannical rule of Sultan Makatunaw? 
A. Panay 
B. Masbate
C. Cebu 
D. Bohol

46. Which was rejected by the Filipinos under the Spanish rule?
A. introduction of democratic ways and liberal ideas
B. Free and compulsory instruction through the public school system
C. Taxation without representation
D. Abolition of the tobacco monopoly 

47. Corazon Aquino is to Freedom Constitution as Ferdinand Marcos is to______
A. Subservience to America 
B. New society
C. Ties with Asian nations
D. "Filipinos First" policy

48. In whose term was the celebration date of Philippine Independence Day changed from July 4 to June 12?
A. Diosdado Macapagal 
B. Ferdinand Marcos
C. Carlos P. Garcia 
D. Elpidio Quirino 

49. Complete this analogy: Manuel Roxas : Loyalty to America  ;  Carlos P. Garcia : __________

A. New Society 
B. "Filipinos First "policy
C. Freedom Constitution
D. Establishing ties with Asian nations

50. Who was the first editor of "La Solidaridad"? 
A. Graciano Lopez Jaena 
B. Jose Rizal
C. Antonio Luna
D. Marcelo H. del Pilar

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