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LET Reviewer for Social Studies
LET Reviewer for Social Studies

51. In which order did the following occupy the Philippines?
A. Spaniards, Americans, Japanese, British
B. Spaniards, Americans, British, Japanese
C. British, Spaniards. Americans, Japanese
D. Spaniards, British, Americans, Japanese

52. Which of the following events in recent Philippine history was the latest?
A. Declaration of Martial Law by presidential proclamation
B. Ratification of Visiting Forces Agreement
C. Termination of the RP-US Military Bases Agreement
D. End of martial rule through EDSA "people power" revolution

53. Through whose effort was Gen. Aguinaldo given sufficient time to escape from pursuit of the American army? .
A. Juan Luna
B. Antonio Luna
C. Marcelo del Pilar
D. Gregorio del Pilar

54. Who was the liberator who endeared himself to Filipinos with the fulfillment of his famous words, "I shall return?
A. President Roosevelt
B. General Mac Arthur
C. President Quezon
D. General Yamashita

55. Who was the revolutionary leader who continued to struggle even after the establishment of American rule and established the Republika ng Katagalugan?
A. Simeon Ola
B. Macario Sakay
C. Artemio Ricarte
D. Miguel Malvar

56. The Negritos or Aetas are known to be the earliest inhabitants of our islands. After them who came first as permanent settlers?
A. The Malays
B. The Indonesians
C. The Chinese
D. The Spaniards

57. In which sequence did the following events occur?

I. Establishment of the first Philippine Republic
II. Control of the Philippines was transferred to the US by virtue of the Treaty of Paris.
III. Philippine revolution against Spain
IV. Japanese occupation of the Philippine Islands

A. I, II, III, and IV
B. II, I, IV, and III
C. III, I, IV, and II
D. II, I, III, and IV

58. Which is a visible Hispanic legacy?
A. Love for fast food
B. Love for basketball
C. Prevalence of noodles
D. Prevalence of Spanish surnames among Filipinos

59. Who among the Presidents of the Philippines was known for his love for the "little man" and opened Malacanang Palace to all?
A. Ferdinand Marcos
B. Carlos P. Garcia
C. Ramon Magsaysay
D. Elpidio Quirino

60. If pro-American sentiment serves as reference, who will pair with Cayetano Arellano?
A. Carlos P. Garcia
B. Pardo de Tavera
C. Claro M. Recto
D. Leon Ma. Guerrero Jr

61. Which statement is CORRECT?
A. Gov. Howard Taft was the last governor of the civil government in 1901.
B. Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur was the first governor of the civil government in 1901.
C. Gov. Howard Taft was the predecessor of Gen. D. Mac Arthur.
D. Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur was the predecessor of Gov. Howard Taft.

62. If the following events are arranged according to occurrence, which should come LAST?
A. Arrest of opposition leaders like Benigno Aquino Jr
B. Suspension of the writ of habeas corpus
C. Declaration of martial law
D. Bomb explosion during the proclamation rally of the senatorial slate of the Liberal Party, at Plaza Miranda

63. Why is the Philippines described to have the largest Diaspora network in the world?
A. OFWs dollar remittances prop the nation's economy
B. A number of Filipinas marry foreigners
C. Its insular nature makes its people live far apart
D. About 11 % of its population is overseas

64. Who led the first European's who arrived in the Philippine history?
A. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi
B, Roy Villalobos
C. Marco Polo
D. Ferdinand Magellan

65. What message did Rizal want to put across in these words? "There are no tyrants where there are no slaves."
A. Tyrants and slaves exist side by side.
B. The Filipinos could be free only if the Spaniards would set them free.
C. If there are no tyrants, 'then there will be no more slaves.
D. Freedom from Spain was in the hands of .the Filipino.

66. If you accept the ownership of productive lands which is limited only to a few rich Filipinos as contributing factor to the economic stagnation of the Philippines, you will appreciate which literary work of Rizal?
A. To the Young Women of Malolos
B. The Philippines A Century Hence
C. Sobre la lndolencia de los Fifipi'nos
D. To the Filipino Youth

67. Which statement is TRUE of Rizal's Noli Me Tangere?
A. It was a direct attack on the Spanish authorities.
B. lt is a socio-historical novel,
C. It is fiction.
D. It was openly read by Filipinos and. Spaniards alike.

68. What did Rizal believe in?
A. The futility of fighting against Spain
B. Compromising need for reforms for the sake of peace
C. Bloody revolution as the only means of liberation from Spain
D. Necessity for reform

69. In his novel El Filibusterismo, why did he make the Revolution fail? Because he________.
A. wanted to cushion the impact of his novel on the Spaniards
B. conceived of-it only as a peaceful revolution
C. was afraid he might incite rebellion
D. wanted to instill in the Filipino minds their unprepared ness for an armed revolution

70. In which poem did Rizal inspire every Filipino to offer one's life for one's-country?
A. Mi Retire .
B. A La Juventud Filipina
C. Las Flores del Heidelberg
D. Mi Ultimo Adios

71. With Filipino nationalism in mind, who does NOT belong to the group?
A. Jose P. Laurel
B. Manuel Roxas
C. Carlos P. Garcia
D. Claro M. Recto

72. Who was the Katipunero through whom the Katipunan was discovered by Fr. Mariano Gil?
A. Apolonio de la Cruz
B. Jose del Rosario
C. Teodoro Patino
D. Daniel Tirona

73. In what aspect/s were Rizal and Bonifacio a contrast?

I. Aspiration for their fellow Filipinos .
II. Manner of liberating the Filipinos from Spanish oppression
III. Educational background

A. II and III
B. I, II and III
C. III only
D. II only

74. Even though women of the Katipunan were exempted from the pact, who participated in the blood compact and fought fearlessly, in twelve bloody''battles of the revolution in Bataan including the Battle of Biak-na-Bato?
A. Agueda Esteban
B. Teresa Magbanua
C.Trinidad Tecson
D. Gregoria de Jesus

75. What are the farmer-beneficiaries obligations as owner/of the land?

I. Divide it among his heirs.
II. Make the land productive.
Ill. Pay his yearly amortization on the land.
IV. Pay taxes and other government fees required of an owner of the land

A. II, III and IV
B. I, III and IV
C. ll and III
D. II and III

76. Read these observations regarding .farmer beneficiaries of the agrarian reform program;
Subsistence farmers could not meet the capacity-to-pay criteria of lending institutions. Those who did defaulted on their payments. Corporate farms displaced tenants while high-yielding varieties of crops failed to increase productivity because of higher costs. Some farmers went to the extent of selling their Certificates of Land Transfer
What conclusion can be drawn from these observations?
A. The rich and the landed find it difficult to part with their land
B. The farmers need not be given a piece of land. They sell-it anyway.
C. For the program to be effective, land distribution must go with a scheme of financial assistance.
D. The agrarian reform program cannot improve the life of farmers.

77. Is capital build-up a requirement for membership in a cooperative?
A. No, if you are a salaried professional.
B. Yes.
C. No.
D. Yes, if you NOT a salaried professional

78. On which assumption is the. Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program anchored?
A. In a democracy, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.
B. Filipinos' dependence on landlords is a cultural fact.
C. Men always work harder when they work on that which is their own.
D. Land as a natural resource should not be owned privately.

79. In a cooperative, what is the maximum term of a Board of Director?
A. Three consecutive terms
B. One term only
C. two terms but not consecutive
D. two consecutive terms

80. One of the highlights of the 8th SONA was a call for the extension of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law. Which are perceived to be blocks in the successful implementation of the CARL?
I. Failure of government to provide the infrastructure and farm support services.
II. Over dependence of tenants on government funds
III.CARL was drawn up by lawmakers who mostly belonged to the landed class and made one in their favor
A. I, II and III
B. I and III
C. I and II
D. II and III

81. Which aim is common to cooperatives and agrarian reform program?
A. To empower people to help themselves
B. To give them an opportunity to test their ideas
C. To teach people the way to riches
D. To bring people together to discuss matters that affects them

82. For the organization and registration of a cooperative, what is the required minimum number of persons?
A. 25
B. 15
C. 30
D. 20

83. The Philippines has a favorable balance of trade when _____.
A. its merchandise imports exceeds its' merchandise exports
B. its merchandise exports exceeds its merchandise imports
C. it has huge reserve of gold,
D. its merchandise imports equal its merchandise exports

84. A country does not need to specialize in everything. She needs to concentrate on that thing which she is good at. This thought is in line with the economic principle of_____.
A. profit and loss
B. opportunity and cost
C. supply and demand
D. comparative advantage

85. Which policy does the government observe when it pumps, excess reserves into the banking system? ____policy
A. Expansionary monetary
B. Fiscal
C. Contractionary monetary
D. Monetary

86. Which economic system is based on free enterprise?
A. Mixed economies
B. Communism
C. Capitalism
D. Globalism

87. Which of the following is a DISADVANTAGE of organizing a business partnership?
A. If one partner dies, the remaining partner/s is/are responsible for continuing the business
B. Taxes are higher than on proprietorships.
C. Each partner is responsible for business actions taken by the other partner/s.
D. It is easier to raise investment capital when the business is a proprietorship.

88. Complete this analogy.
Maximum price : Price ceiling  ;  Minimum Price : __________

A. Consumer price
B. Price floor
C. Price tax
D. Trade floor

89. Which phrase in economics embraces the following: natural resources, capital, labor force and technology?
A. Assets
B. Goods
C. Liabilities
D. Productive resources

90. What is GNP in economics?
A. General National Product, a way to detect a country's economic growth
B. Gross National Product, a way to determine a country's productivity
C. General National Product, a way to detect a country's productivity
D. Gross National Product, a way to determine a country's economic growth rate

91. With social interaction in mind, which does NOT belong to the group?
A. Conflict
B. Accommodation
C. Competition
D. Projection

92. The Japanese mother communicates with her child physically rather than verbally; while the America stimulates her child into an activity verbally. The Filipino mother nurtures her child by playing with her and feeding her on demand. What do the child rearing practices point to? Cultural___________
A. relativity
B. integration
C. valuing process
D. diversity

93. Which is referred to when we claim that there is no single universal standard to be used to judge any culture?
A. Cultural universalism
B. Cultural relativism
C. Cultural diversity
D. Ethnocentrism

94. Which word/s goes with Gemeinschaft?

I. Intimate
II. Secondary
III. Personal

A. I and II
B. I only
C. I and III
D. Ill only

95. Risking his life, a Filipino boy dives into a pool of Water to save a drowning boy. Which trait does tie demonstrate?
A. Bahala na . .
B. Bahala na with pagmalasakit
C. Flexibility
D. Family-orientedness

96. "No one is above the law", says Principal. She imposes the penalty to all children deserving of penalty but exempts the son of her comare from the same penalty that he equally deserves. What Filipino trait is shown?
A. Utang-na-loob-
B. Extreme personalism
C. Lack of discipline
D. Colonial mentality

97. A foreigner once remarked: "I envy Filipinos. They can sleep anywhere." What Filipino trait is being praised?
A. Faith in God
B: Adaptability
C. Joy and humor
D. Creativity

98. Which is the ultimate aim of the Constitutional mandate on social justice? ,
A. To reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.
B. To eradicate poverty
C. To attain social equality
D. To conscienticize the rich to share their wealth with the poor

99. "Trabaho lang, walang personalan" is a reminder for every Filipino to counteract his __________.
A. lack of discipline
B. extreme personalism
C. tendency to be lazy
D. tendency to overwork

100. Read this anecdote then answer the question:"

On a shore/an American tourist saw a fish basket of crabs open that belonged to the Filipino fisherman and said: 'Hey. Your basket is open. Before you know it, your crabs, are gone.’ The Filipino fisherman answered:" You forgot that they are Filipino crabs, Sir."

A. The tendency to regard a foreigner as someone who is superior
B. The tendency to work under the sun all day
C. The tendency to pull down one who has gained some status or prestige
D. The tendency to be careless and carefree

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