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Majorship LET Reviewer

LET Reviewer for TLE
LET Reviewer for TLE

1. How much is the resistance of a 100 watts 120 volts light bulb?
A. 1.44 Ω
B. 14.4 Ω
C. 144 Ω
D. 1440 Ω

2. Commonly resistor is connected in a circuit to
A. drop voltage
B. drop reactance
C. increase voltage
D. increase reactance

3. If a given resistor has color coded value as brown, red, orange and gold, its nominal value is
A. 123 Ω ± 5%
B. 123 Ω ± 10%
C. 12,000 Ω ± 5%
D. 12,000 Ω ± 10%

4. When two resistors having different values are connected in parallel, their total resistance can be calculated as
A. RT = N/2
B. RT = R1 + R2
C. 1/RT = 1/R1 + 1/R2
D. none of the above

5. The total resistance of the resistors connected in series with values such as 1.2 k Ω and 500 Ω is
A. 1.7 k Ω
B. 1,700 Ω
C. 352.94 Ω
D. a and b

6. It is a property of circuit element which opposes any current change, and is measured in Henry, this is called
A. Capacitance
B. Inductance
C. Resistance
D. Conductance

7. The power transformer characterized with more number of turns at the primary than the secondary winding is a transformer known as
A. step-down
B. step-up
C. auto-transformer
D. isolating

8. Inductors L1 and L2 are in parallel with each other having the same values of 300mH. Their combined inductance is
A. 150mH
B. 600mH
C. 0
D. none of the above

9. If a power transformer has NP of 1800 turns, NS of 74 turns and EP of 220 V, how much is the ES?
A. 3 V
B. 6 V
C. 9 V
D. 12 V

10. Capacitor’s property which says how much charge can be stored units dielectric is referred to as
A. Resistance
B. Conductance
C. Inductance
D. Capacitance

11. Which of the following statement is correct?
A. Air capacitors have a black band to indicate the outside foil
B. Mica capacitors are available in capacitance values of 1 to 10 µF
C. Electrolytic capacitors must be connected in the correct polarity
D. Ceramic capacitors must be connected in the correct polarity

12. A capacitor consists of two
A. conductors separated by an insulator
B. insulators separated by a conductor
C. conductors alone
D. insulators alone

13. To combine capacitances in series. It is computed simply by
A. 1/CT = 1/C1 + 1/C2
B. C = Q/V
C. CT = C1 + C2
D. None of the above

14. Ceramic capacitor has 102 numerical code printed on its body, it means its capacitance is
A. 102 pF
B. 102 nF
C. 1000 pF
D. 1000 nF

15. The unit of measure of electrical current is
A. Volt C. Ohm
B. Ampere D. Watt

16. When capacitors are connected in parallel, their capacitances can be calculated as
A. CT = C1 + C2
B. 1/CT = 1/C1 + 1/C2
C. C = Q/V
D. None of the above

17. A capacitance of 0.02 µF equals
A. 0.02 X 10¬¬-12 F
B. 0.02 X 10-6 F
C. 0.02 X 106 F
D. 200 X 10-12 F

18. When a semiconductor diode’s anode terminal is supplied with negative dc voltage and the cathode with positive dc voltage, the diode bias is
A. Forward
B. Reverse
C. No bias
D. More bias

19. This is a general term used to refer semiconductor devices commonly used for power control circuits.
A. Transistor
C. Diode
D. Thyristor

20. When the arrow head on the electronic symbol of a semiconductor transistor is pointing inward, the type of transistor is

21. In woodworking, the process of putting wood together to form object.
A. Joinery
B. Measuring
C. Planning
D. Cutting

22. It is a kind of groove that runs on board and receives the end or edges of the second board.
A. Lap joint
B. Dado joint
C. Miter joint
D. Cross joint

23. It is a kind used for making frames to hold glass in constructing cabinets.
A. Miter joint
B. Dado joint
C. Lap joint
D. Mortise and tenon

24. A leveling instrument in carpentry and masonry, compose of water container filled with water, nipple, rubber hose and glass tube with graduations.
A. Water and tube level
B. Water container
C. Measuring box
D. Mixing platform

25. In cabinet making, best joint to be use in order to have good reinforcement is
A. Miter joint
B. Dado joint
C. Lap joint
D. Mortise and tenon

26. Peter bought four pieces of lumber the dimension of each is 2 inches by 3 inches by 12 feet. Find the measurement in board feet.
A. 6 bd. Ft.
B. 24 bd. Ft.
C. 8 bd. Ft.
D. 26 bd. Ft.

27. This type of joint is very common in making a screen, chairs, and stretchers
A. Rebating joint
B. Lap joint
C. Cross joint
D. Miter joint

28. The beauty and neatness of a product in woodworking depend mostly on the skills of worker. What other attribute will follow?
A. Accuracy of measurement
B. Correct layout
C. Tools and equipment used
D. All of the above

29. It is a kind of measurement tool that is manageable to use. It is graduated in inches and centimeter.
A. Ruler
B. Zigzag rule
C. Try square
D. T-square

30. One of the most convenient measuring instruments used by workers. It is reeled in housing and retracts automatically by a spring.
A. Ruler
B. Zigzag rule
C. Push steel rule
D. Steel rule

31. A tool used to guide for checking the squareness of the materials to be assembled. It is made of steel with two arms.
A. Steel rule
B. Zigzag rule
C. Push steel rule
D. Try square

32. A project plan is always needed to maximize the use of materials. What other aspect can attribute to have a good result of a project?
A. Proper layout
B. Proper handling
C. Proper use of materials
D. Proper cutting

33. The easiest method of laying out of miter joints is by using
A. Square method
B. Combination square
C. Sliding t-bevel
D. T-square

34. A tool like an ice-pick is used for making woods or punching or location to be drilled
A. Divider
B. Scriber
C. Scratch owl
D. Knife

35. A tool like letter C. it is designed to hold small pieces of lumber.
A. C-clamp
B. Hand screw clamp
C. Bar clamp
D. Corner clamp

36. A type of clamp wherein the jaws are made of wood and operated by two hand screw.
A. C-clamp
B. Hand screw clamp
C. Bar clamp
D. Corner clamp

37. This tool is use to hold wide pieces of wood, like table door in both end
A. C-clamp
B. Hand screw clamp
C. Bar clamp
D. Corner clamp

38. The angles of the bevel of a plane iron is
A. 45 degrees
B. 90 degrees
C. 20 degrees
D. 25 degrees

39. In making picture frame, what kind of special tool will you use?
A. Screw clamp
B. Miter and corner clamp
C. Bar clamp
D. C-clamp

40. It is equipment in woodworking that is attached to the working bench. It is designed to hold lumbers at work.
A. Woodworking bench vise
B. C-clamp
C. Bar clamp
D. None of the above

41. The unit of electrical pressure is the
A. Ampere
B. Watt
C. Ohm
D. Volt

42. A no. 10 copper wire is
A. Smaller than no. 18 copper wire
B. The same size as a no. 18 copper wire
C. Larger than a no. 18 copper wire
D. Larger than a no. 8 copper wire

43. If 12 volts are applied to a certain lamp whose filament has a resistance of 3 ohms, the current flow through the lamp filament will be
A. 4 amp
B. 36 amp
C. 8 amp
D. 12 amp

44. If a copper wire becomes heated because of an excessive amount of current flowing through it, the resistance of the wire
A. Decreases
B. Increases
C. Remains the same as when the wire is cold
D. Becomes zero
45. To measure the current flowing through a circuit, connect an
A. Ohm meter
B. Ammeter
C. Volt meter
D. Meter in series with the circuit

46. Good care of clothing is part of:
A. home chores
B. washing clothes
C. purchasing clothes
D. good grooming

47. Stain caused by this cannot be removed
A. Nail polish
B. Sap from coconut suds
C. Syrup or candy
D. Paint

48. To keep your clothes in first class condition, have a plan for the
A. Yearly care of your clothes
B. Daily / weekly care of your clothes
C. Monthly care of your clothes
D. Hourly care of your clothes

49. The Filipina’s complexion looks best in the shades of
A. Coral
B. Brown and greenish blues
C. Orange – red
D. All of the choices

50. Personality is an important factor in the choices of color. The colors should make me
A. Feel happy
B. Feel right
C. Feel sad
D. Feel sick

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