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1. Which of the following can serve as a source of radio waves transmitted by telecommunications systems?

a. Electromagnetic waves
b. Nuclear reactions
c. Electric circuits
d. The sun

2. People with some money to start with, put up small stores that sell food and other needs of the people in the community.

a. micro entrepreneurs
b. large entrepreneurs
c. medium entrepreneurs
d. small entrepreneurs

3. Which tool is used in turning slotted screws?

a. Flat screw driver
b. Phillips screw driver
c. Electrical pliers
d. Wire stripper

4. Which circuit has the most gain?

a. Common emitter
b. Common collector
c. Common base
d. Emitter follower

5. Who takes the risk of organizing and operating a certain kinds of business is an

a. entrepreneurship
b. small business
c. entrepreneur
d. business owner

6. Which is a pocket-sized tool that provides maximum safety when pulling cartridge fuses and checking electrical connections?

a. Fuse puller
b. Screw driver
c. Desoldering tool
d. Mini drill

7. If a 10K resistor is placed across a 10 v supply, the current will be ________.

a. 10 mA
b. 0.001 mA
c. 1 mA
d. 65 mA

8. A disadvantage of LCD (liquid crystal display) is ________.

a. high current demands
b. slow reactance to input
c. environmental temperature sensitivity
d. persistence limitations

9. A fuse marked 250V, 650m can be used in circuits with an "open fuse" supply voltage of ________.

a. 125 Volts
b. 500 Volts
c. 5,000 Volts
d. 250 Volts

10. To prevent transistor from getting hot, use ________.

a. silicon grease
b. insulator
c. heat sink
d. exhaust fan

11. To obtain a higher value of resistance, resistors are ________.

a. reverse
b. parallel
c. forward
d. series

12. What drawing equipment will you use if you want to represent each unit of the object to be made in its proper scale or proportion.?

a. Cross-ruled paper
b. Drawing board
c. Ruler
d. Triangles

13. Which of the following is a description of obtuse angle ?

a. It is greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees
b. An angle less than 90 degrees
c. It has two equal sides
d. It is 45 degrees

14. You use a ____ map if the relative elevation of the ground surfaces are given.

a. contour
b. geographic
c. relief
d. topographic

15. This is a six-sided figure which is frequently used in machine drawing for showing heads f bolts and screws.

a. Hexagon
b. Octagon
c. Square
d. Triangle

16. If an oval shape is required what figure is used?

a. Circle
b. Ellipse
c. Oblong
d. Round

17. Which of the following instrument is used to measure the potential difference across an element in a circuit?

a. Ammeter
b. Ohmmeter
c. Tester
d. Voltmeter

18. The amount of energy consumed by an appliance per unit time is indicated as the appliance’s

a. current
b. power
c. resistance
d. voltage

19. Which of the following can be a function of a transistor in a circuit?

a. Amplifies current or electric signals
b. Limits the flow of current
c. Stores electrical energy
d. Regulates voltage

20. A battery has a voltage of 12 V. What does this mean?

a. Both terminals of the battery have a 12 V electric potential.
b. Both terminals of the battery have the same electric potential.
c. One of the terminals of the battery is 12 V and the other is 0 V.
d. One of the terminals of the battery is 12 V higher in electric potential than the other.

21. Which of the following device best demonstrates the concept that magnetism exerts a force on a moving charge?

a. Diode
b. Generator
c. Motor
d. Transformer

22. Which of the following can cause electric shock?

a. Current and power
b. Current and voltage
c. Voltage and power
d. Voltage and resistance

23. Persons engaged in selling goods and services

a. Entrepreneur
b. business people
c. owner
d. traders

24. An enterprise manage by its owner

a. large business
b. micro business
c. small business
d. medium business

25. The ability to create something new, or to think of new ways of doing things.

a. discovery
b. invention
c. innovation
d. restoration

26. Expertise in business management and operation

a. creativity
b. entrepreneurial
c. innovativeness
d. salesmanship

27. There are two systems of measurement. English system is known as the one that uses the foot and inches. While metric system uses the meter as the basic unit of measurement. How many millimeters do we have in 1 meter?

a. 10 mm
b. 100 mm
c. 200 mm
d. 1000 mm

28. In the languages we have our own alphabets. But in drawing we have alphabet of lines. Which one represents the sides of the object that are seen by the naked eye?

a. Center line
b. Dimension line
c. Phantom Line
d. Visible Line

29. There are three types of drawing pencil we have the soft, medium and hard pencils. Which one can we consider the medium pencil used by draftsman?

a. B
b. 2H
c. HB
d. 9H

30. Isometric drawing is elevated at a certain degree from the horizontal plane. What is its degree of inclination?

a. 30 degrees
b. 45 degrees
c. 60 degrees
d. 90 degrees

31. Which presents the rise and fall of alternating current and voltages?

a. Graph
b. Sine wave
c. Fluctuation
d. Cycle

32. When two capacitors are connected in parallel, the capacitance will ________.

a. increase
b. have the same value
c. decrease
d. increase and decrease

33. A very small business in which the owner is the principal worker

a. micro business
b. macro business
c. medium business
d. small business

34. Owned and manage by an individual or group and has only enough resources to continue operating. Grocery, bakeshop and restaurant belong to

a. large business
b. medium business
c. small business
d. micro business

35. The sugar found in cow’s milk and milk powder

a. lactose
b. glucose
c. maltose
d. sucrose

36. A fuse or a circuit breaker is always connected in series with the appliance or the circuit that it intends to protect when short or overloading happens. Why is this so?

a. It is easier to connect a fuse in series than in parallel.
b. Short and overloading always happen in series circuits.
c. There is higher probability for overloading in parallel circuits.
d. There is only one path for current to flow in a series connection.

37. Known as world trade

a. export and import of goods among nations
b. circulation of money in the early times
c. exchange of goods with other tribes
d. exchange foods for other things

38. The system of exchange through which goods and services are traded in the community, using the medium of money.

a. barter economy
b. economy
c. money economy
d. technology

39. The system of exchange through which goods and services are traded in exchange for land, clothing for food, and food for services.

a. barter economy
b. economy
c. money economy
d. technology

40. Factor in searching for business opportunities that ask: Do you have money for capital?

a. the need of the community
b. skills and interests
c. available resources
d. market

41. Factor in searching for business opportunities that ask: Does the particular business activity meet your interest?

a. skills and interests
b. the need of the community
c. available resources
d. market

42. Workers in the construction industry, execute their job thru blueprint or architectural plans. So, it is sometimes known as the international language of industry. Which is it?

a. Drawing
b. Isometric
c. Orthographic
d. Shading

43. Sanitation in food preparation is important for a number of reasons EXCEPT

a. Minimize the presence of bacteria.
b. Avoid disease-carrying organisms.
c. Conserve nutrients.
d. Avoid food infection and poisoning.

44.Which of the following describes water-soluble vitamins?

a. They include vitamins D and E
b. They are frequently toxic
c. They are stored extensively in tissues
d. They are easily absorbed and excreted

45. The German chocolate cake recipe calls for buttermilk however you don’t have the ingredient at home. Instead of buttermilk, you could use:

a. regular milk
b. vinegar and butter
c. regular milk and vinegar
d. coffee creamer

46. Leftover foods should be reheated to what temperature?

a. 165 degrees Fahrenheit
b. 150 degrees Fahrenheit
c. 130 degrees Fahrenheit
d. 140 degrees Fahrenheit

47. Decision-making in purchasing is anchored on the following principles EXCEPT

a. Price of one food item may vary according to variation in form.
b. Prices of food item may vary according to difference in quality.
c. Prices of food item nay vary according to a type of store.
d. Prices of food item may vary according to the purchaser. 

48. The sugar which helps prevents the lumping or crystallization of the sugar granules because of its finest texture compared with other forms of sugar is known as

a. brown sugar
b. granulated sugar
c. confectioner’s sugar 
d. lump sugar

49. Table appointment refers to all those items used in table setting. This would include:

a. Flatware, dinnerware and glassware
b. Flatware, dinnerware, glassware and linen
c. Flatware and dinnerware
d. Dinnerware and glassware

50. There are two basic types of cakes. What are they?

a. those that have frosting and those that do not.
b. those that are high and those which are not
c. those that contain shortening and those that do not
d. those that contain leavening and those which do not

51. The browning of sugar when the surface temperature of baked goods reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsuis)

a. crystallization
b. caramelization
d. hydrogenation
d. emulsification

52. Business owned and operated by a single person, two business partners or a corporation.

a. large business
b. medium business
c. small business
d. micro business

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